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Bristol Quiet After "Right to Protest" Demos

A fifth night of protest in Bristol against the government’s plans for large new powers against the right to protest, went off peacefully.  BBC News reported that Avon and Somerset Police Officers were able to speak to protest organisers on this occasion and a conciliatory attitude on both sides prevailed.  Meanwhile, Ujima Community Radio in the city spoke to participants and found concern that the state was acting irresponsibly by clamping down on a fundamental British human right. 


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Exposing Bullying at Public Schools

The communist daily paper The Morning Star, criticized by some on the LGBTQ left for giving undue prominence to Stalinist feminist groups during the recent debates over trans inclusivity, has called for what it calls “an honest” discussion about pornography and misogyny as former

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"Great Gays" Zine Raises Funds

We love zines.  Short for fanzines, these often self produced publications became popular during the era of punk rock and the associated goth, indie and autonomous social scenes during the eighties.  However, you could argue that they can trace their pedigree back to the undergro

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Calm Lammy Puts Racist Caller in Their Place

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy MP has been praised by politicians from across the political spectrum, including senior figures in rival parties, for his calm and measured, polite and conciliatory but firm tone when dealing with a racist caller during a phone in broadcast on the talk station

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Liberating Working Class Women and Feminism

Sadie Robinson, writing in the leftist weekly paper Socialist Worker says that liberal feminist demands for longer sentencing and greater police powers in the wake of the horrific murder of Sarah Everard, will do little to help working class women, who are already over-represente

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LGBTQ activist groups have largely been totally silent on the issue of violent protest in the wake of riots against proposed new powers for police, which took place in Bristol City Centre on Sunday


Christina McAnea, the  new general secretary of UNISON, the UK’s largest trade union, and whose membership includes many black, LGBTQ and women members working in relatively low paid work, has adde


Bristol Local TV reports that Prince Harry has spoken about the “toxic” nature of the British press as he and his wife, Megan Markle prepare to leave the limelight


Hope Ryan, writing in the weekly newspaper Socialist Worker, the journal of the left wing Socialist Workers’ Party, says that a new pamphlet is available from the group looking at


The United Kingdom’s largest single trade union has its first female General Secretary.  Christine McAnea took over from the long serving Dave Prentis, after winning a ballot of th

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