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Population Group Warns of Right Wing Policies

"I think probably the greatest single threat to life on the planet is the over proliferation of us."  So said Doctor Brian May, the astrophysicist, campaigner and musician with legendary rock group Queen.  He is quoted in this month's electronic bulletin from Population Matters, a group which campaigns for sustainable levels of humans on earth, and which has long pointed out the dangers of heterosexual political fanatics who want there to be larger and larger families.  As well as features on biodiversity and the environment, the organisation takes aim at s

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Elections See Trouncing of the UK Far Right

Due to the change in our "News Extra" slot on 25th May to discuss the harrowing homophobic attacks on "Target" Retailer in the United States, we did not get the opportunity to chat about the English Local Election Results.  Here, however, was the briefing and discussion paper we prepared on that

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"Cruel" Widdecombe Out of Touch on Food Price

A former Conservative Government minister who earned herself the monicker "Doris Karloff" from her Parliamentary colleagues, has been slammed as "out of touch" and "profoundly cruel" with her latest utterances.  Anne Widdecombe, a Roman Catholic fundamentalist, who quit the Church of England and

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Warm Welcome for 16 and 17 Parliamentary Vote

LGBTQIA Politics watchers have, so far, given a broadly warm reception to news, reported in the Independent and - perhaps predictably - slammed in the right wing papers, that a future Labour Government under Sir Keir Starmer would consider allowing people between

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Bristol Radical Bookfair Takes Place Saturday

The city from which "ShoutOut" broadcasts, Bristol, has a lively political and social activist scene, and on Saturday 13th May, the regular Radical Bookfair is back at the Exchange, at the bottom of Old Market Street, the gateway to the g

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The I Newspaper reported Tuesday that a senior politician from the Scottish National Party, which is broadly progressive on LGBT+ issues, feels "no longer safe" if


As we have previously reported, LGBT+ people have a wide range of views on the institution of the British monarchy, but one thing that unites them is an understanding that people have the right to


Whatever your views on the monarchy (and there are both plenty of LGBTQ+ monarchists and anti-monarchists), it would be fair to say that LGBTQIA+ people support the right to protest against any sta


The Trade Union movement, as part of the progressive left, has a strong history of supporting LGBTQIA+ workers, and in return, a huge number of gay, trans and non-binary activists


Pink News reports that hundreds of people from the LGBTQ+ community rallied outside the Kentucky House of Representatives as it debated one of the most ferocious right wing bills aimed at cutting h

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