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Jewish Women United for Abortion Rights

In the United States, the National Council of Jewish Women has teamed up with the National Abortion Federation, a coalition of groups that campaign on, or provide, support for women seeking termination of pregnancy. The Council says We know that many in the Jewish community are looking for a way to help those who provide direct care. That’s why we created the Jewish Fund for Abortion Access in partnership with the National Abortion Federation (NAF), a national organization that represents, serves, and supports abortion providers in delivering patient-centered, evidence-based care".

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Green LGBTQ+ Network Celebrates Election Wins

The LGBTQIA+ network within the Green Party has issued a press release on its moderate breakthrough in recent local elections across the UK. They say that a significant number of the newly elected Green Councillors are from our community.

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Disappointment at Legislative Programme

Our colleagues at Trans Radio UK spoke for many in the week when they issued a statement following the Queen’s Speech, a tradition which outlines the legislative programme of government for the coming Parliamentary session.

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Anti-Fascists Welcome Right Election Fails

The network Hope Not Hate, which monitors the activities of the various fractious groups that make up Britain’s far right wing political movement, reports satisfaction that extremist parties put in a desultory performance at recent Council and Greater London Assembly elections.

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Calls for Prosecution of Far Right Deep Fakes

The Independent newspaper says that a report aired on Channel Four Television reveals that neo-Nazi group Patriotic Alternative has been distributing fake leaflets in at least two recent Parliamentary by elections, purporting to be from the Labour and Conservative Parties.  Both leaflets sought t

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The LGBTQIA Left is undergoing something of a revival at the moment, in the wake of new social movements such as Black Lives Matter and the struggle for transgender liberation.  Our young people ar


The Scotsman newspaper at the weekend met up with several women who have run the gauntlet of anti-abortion protesters at reproductive health clinics.  In one of the cases, a woman had a termination


Former Prime Minister Tony Blair writes in the Daily Mirror, which has been a centre left publication for many years, about his years in office and defends the achievements of the New Labour projec


The right wing are not popular with young people, who largely reject the politics of the “Daily Mail” and populist talk shows.


BBC Radio Bristol reports that MPs from across the Parliamentary divides have united against a bizarre article in the far right wing Daily Mail newspaper which alleged that Labour’s Shadow Chancell

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