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Student Resists Her Own Anti-Gay Father

The French gay magazine Tetu reports that a fifty one year old father has been sentenced to one year's detention at the leisure of the Republic after driving an astonishing eight hundred miles from Strasbourg to Narbonne, where he began threatening his nineteen year old daughter, who had recently come out in a letter home. The Justices heard that the man, who claims “not to have a problem with homosexuality”, threatened the young woman with death.

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Agenda of Anti-Choice Groups Exposed - Paper

Writing in the left wing weekly Socialist Worker, Sarah Bates analyses how anti-abortion groups operate in the United States and how they endeavour to control women's bodies.

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Intel Needed on Swastika Sprayers in Bristol

In news local to us here in Bristol, the police are appealing for witnesses or intelligence after an inverted swastika, the symbol used by the Nazi Party of Germany, was spray painted on to a vehicle in Kingswood.

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Anti-Patriarchy Bag Available from Big Issue

As we move forward into the season of Autumn, so many retailers thoughts are looking to a much needed festive season on the horizon, where people can pause, take a break from the metaphorical breathlessness of a year of change and uncertainty and reaffirm their core values of love and respect.

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Lib Dems Choose Gay Candidate for WoE Mayor

Bristol's Liberal Democrats have selected the gay former Member of Parliament for the Bristol West Seat to contest the post of Mayor of the West of England. The position is current held by Tim Bowles for the Conservative Party.

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The ecological campaign group Extinction Rebellion saw some seventy arrests on Saturday night, according to Sky News, as they took direct action to disrupt the pri


Gay socialist writer Owen Jones pulls no punches in his latest opinion piece for The Guardian.


One hundred days from the police killing of African-American man George Floyd have now gone by.


UNISON is Britain's largest trade union, representing more than a million workers in many industries.

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