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Warning on Far Right Groups Infiltrating Demo

LGBTQIA politics watchers and those involved in the wider left and progressive movements, have welcomed a report by VICE Magazine that advises that the  mainstream Palestinian Solidarity Movement, which is based on elightenment values of peace and democracy, is being targetted by Neo-Nazis and racist organisations who are trying to propagate hatred of Jewish people off the back of it.  Extremist groups such as the US based National Socialist Alliance, National Justice Party and White Lives Matter have been attending Palestine Solidarity rallies, but have been successfully b

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Mandelson Wades into Debate on Gaza Ceasefire

Centre left political figure and Labour Party grandee, Lord Peter Mandelson, who is gay, and has suffered tabloid homophobia at several times during his long and controversial political career, has given an interview to the podcast How to Win an Election.  According to a

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Lesbians Lift Advertising to Promote Peace

The activist group Dyke Project has been intervening in the ongoing community discussions about how best LGBTQIA people can help show solidarity with gay, trans, lesbian and non-binary Palestinian people during the current war between Israel and the Hamas controlled Gaza strip. 

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Teaching Unions Slam Tory Education Chief

The communist daily newspaper The Morning Star reports that educational trade unions and teachers organisations have hit back at remarks by the Conservative whack-job and current Education Secretary Gillian Keegan which implied that schools should have to pander to bigoted parent

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Anarcha-Feminism Document Unites with LGBT+s

The Anarchist Library is an online archive of thousands of zines, booklets and proclamations from the many schools of anarchism, from the nineteenth century when the philosophies of stateless co-operation began to be developed, through to the present day.  Judith's Dagger

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The I Newspaper says that many moderate members of the Conservative Party are alarmed and distressed at its apparent drift to the far right and its use of conspiracy theories, hatr


The Daily Mail newspaper, which has always editorialised on the hard right wing of British politics, expresses a fear in its opinion piece on 22nd October.


LGBTQIA politics watchers have given a broadly positive welcome to the results of the two UK Parliamentary by elections that took place on Thursday 19th October.  In both the seat of Mid Bedfordshi


Despite a large left vs right split on LGBTQIA rights and wider human rights issues at the moment, it is important to remember that there are many LGBTQIA and other mainstream Conservatives who are


Top selling lesbian magazine DIVA reports that many middle ground Conservatives are horrified at what has happened with the Parliamentary party, as it sinks further into what one L

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