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Anti-Hate Group Appeals for Funds

With a General Election looming, and the political right wing, homophobes and transphobes trying to deflect attention from the state of the economy by blaming minorities, the anti-fascist, anti-extremist group Hope Not Hate reveals that it needs funds to continue to expose the radical right wing.  The group says "The groups we're up against aren’t just spreading hate —they're flush with cash, too. We run on something stronger: people power.

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Euro Parliament Votes for Abortion Rights

Cable TV news network Euronews reports that the European Parliament has voted by a considerable margin to ensure the right to free and comprehensive abortion rights to be an inalienable right for women.  The proposal was approved by 336 votes to 163 against, with support mainly c

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Cass Report is Degraded, Corrupt and Misleads

The left wing weekly newspaper Socialist Worker says that the Cass Report into services for transgender people "bolsters" transphobes and right wing culture war extremists, who are using a moral panic to distract from the woeful performance of a degraded and corrupt conservative

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Collapsing the "Moribund" Family

The Anarchist news website Libcom publishes an essay that argues that patriarchy is a pillar of capitalism and will fall with it.  The writer says "Women, who were held in the highest esteem in pre-class communist societies, were placed in bondage in the patriarchal order establi

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Right Wing Party Drops Candidates for Fascism

Hope Not Hate, an organisation that monitors and researches far right extremism, says that the hard right party Reform UK has had to drop several shortlisted election candidates for the next General Election, because of their fascistic viewpoints.  In one case, t

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Sometimes the popular and right wing press can present feminism and trans rights as battling it out against each other.  But this is a distortion that plays into their divide and rule tactics of pi


Lighthouse is a queer-owned and woman led independent community bookshop in the Scottish capital Dùn Èideann / Edinburgh.


Radical left website RS21 features an essay by Pete Cannell about the rise of populist right wing parties and their links to climate change denialism.  He writes "


Gay Conservative MP Scott Benton has resigned as a Member of Parliament, a move which will trigger a by election and could see the Tories lose another seat, as they trail the main


There is little appetite in the country for a Conservative change of leader, which would yield a new Prime Minister, according to a poll by market research company Opinium quoted i

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