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LGBTQ Groups Join Others over Surveillance

Recent reports in the mainstream press have highlighted the fact that agents for Special Branch and the Security Services have maintained surveillance on protest groups of left, right and centre of the political spectrum for decades. Whether it was CND during its heyday, the Striking Miners in 1984, or Vegan Animal Rights activists in the Brightlingsea Demonstrations, it is now widely accepted that the state has spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money spying on groups as diverse as Welsh language campaigns, Compassion in World Farming to UFO Groups.

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1 in 5 Terrorist Threats is Far Right

Ken McCallum, the Director General of counter espionage specialists MI5 has told journalists that around twenty per cent of counter-terrorism operations now deal with the threat of far right wing violence.

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Hate Crime Is Met with Calls for Resistance

ITV West has reported that an apparent hate crime took place on the night of Friday 2nd July, when heterosexual extremists attempted to graffiti over the rainbow Pride themed pedestrian crossing in Bristol's Wine Street.

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Government Apology to LGBTQIA Diplomats

Independent Radio News says that the UK government has issued a formal apology for a past policy of not employing gay, lesbian or bisexual diplomats.

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Remembering Anti-Nazi War Hero

The gay pagan site of Antinous the Gay God, celebrates the little known life of artist an anti-Nazi Dutch freedom fighter Willelm Arondeus.

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The street sold newspaper The Big Issue has exposed as a tabloid lie the reports that appeared in the Daily Telegraph and Daily Express last week that the popular and large LGBTQ c


Glasgow has a long radical history.


African-Caribbean community newspaper The Voice, which these days publishes many articles exploring the different intersections of liberty and op


The Bath Chronicle says that a twenty four year old man from the Weymouth Court area, has been found guilty on numerous accounts of direct involvement with and propogation of, neo-


“Manhunt” is the title of a Netflix documentary, available now, on the interception of far right extremist David Copeland whose attempts to terrorise the black, As

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