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Norton Speaks Out on Politics, Rights

Gay television personality and one of the UK's top chat show hosts, Graham Norton has given a rare political interview in which he defends transgender people and speaks about the sacrifices made by LGBTQ campaigners in his native Republic of Ireland.

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What Are Your Top LGBTQ Protest Banners?

Pink News, the top British gay newswire, reports that, with demonstrations and Pride marches on hold due to Covid19 in many parts of the world, internet users of the forum Redit are sharing their favourite historical and recent LGBTQ Pride protests signs.

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"Free Speech" Complainants Don't Practice It

It is often said in the right wing papers such as the Daily Telegraph, much lampooned as the “Torygraph” that Free Speech as a principle is being abandoned by a new militant leftist generation of students on campus, who are interested only in environmental direct action, Black Li

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Protest Groups Sound Warning at Govt Plans

The long standing anarchist newspaper Freedom alerts LGBTQ campaign groups along with any form of protest organization that the government is planning on tightening laws on public freedom of assembly and protest in 2021.  This follows inflammatory remarks by the highly authoritar

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Anti-Trans Extremists Betray Women's Rights

Britain’s Socialist Workers Party (which has no direct relation to the party of the same name in the States)  is criticized by some for its tendency to build a party on the back of other movements, and sometimes relations between the SWP and gay groups such as OutRage!

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The gay and socialist campaigning journalist Owen Jones is not impressed at the possible future for the British media.  Despite the presence of community broadcasting and podcasting across the UK,


Ever get tired of people talking about the mythical “transgender agenda”.


On Sunday evening (6th December), the UK's PBS America Channel (Freeview 91) is broadcasting the first in a two part lengthy documentary on the struggle for the vote for women in t


Khady Guey and her friends have been talking to BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat programme about organising Black Lives Matter protests over the summer in the Forest of Dean


A coalition between the Yorkshire Branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, known more affectionately as CND, and Black Lives Matter, have commemorated the s

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