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Professionals Unite Against PseudoTherapy

Philadelphia Gay News reports that five professional associations regulating licensed therapy and health practitioners in the state have formally adopted policies that oppose the use of conversion therapies, which the paper notes are "pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity to comply with cisnormative and heteronormative standards." “This was a team effort,” said Ann Marie Frakes, executive director of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association — the professional association for psychologists in the state.

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Terrence Higgins Trust Wins Big at Marathon

The Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK's largest HIV service organisation and rooted in the LGBTQIA and African-Caribbean communities, reports that they had a fantastic time at the recent London Marathon.  A press release from the charity reveals more details:  "Our

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Survey of Students to Benefit Freshers - DIVA

DIVA Magazine, the European wide journal for lesbian, queer and bisexual women, is running a survey ready for publication ahead of the next academic year in September.  They say "For many LGBTQIA people, starting university can be an exciting time for self-expression and discover

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Gym Chain Stands Form Against Threats

US based low cost gym chain Planet Fitness has been urged to remain firm despite being targetted by bomb threats from deranged far right transphobes.  The extremists began to target the chain after it barred a customer who violated the company's mobile phone regulations by postin

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Ban on Chemical Will Enhance LGBT+ Health

Live Science online magazine reports that the United States is to join the European Union in banning the chemical formaldehyde from hair straighteners.  There is anecdotal evidence that, alongside cisgender and heterosexual women of colour, so trans women and les

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Swivel eyed right wing newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which was once a respected fact based newspaper, but is increasingly involving itself in what it sees as "cultural warfare" ag


Lots of LGBTQIA+ people, as well as those from other minorities, are often failed by the NHS, an increasing body of evidence suggests.  Now, in what newswire Pink News says is a "n


Our colleagues in the grassroots radio sector, over at Chippenham Hospital Radio in Wiltshire, report that NHS No Smoking Day was on Wednesday March 13th.  Whilst


The latest newsletter from the Brigstowe Project, the West Country's largest HIV and sexual health charity provider, has some important news for anyone who uses or supports their s


A not for profit company in Australia is showing that toiletries can be ethical, sustainable, and support young people's mental health, especially LGBTQIA young people

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