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Historical Afternoon On PBS Deals in Change

The years between 1903 and 1923 saw major change, socially and politically, and revolution was in the air. The old order of society in Britain was crumbling and there was the distinct possibility of major political upheaval, as women exerted their political power, trade unions went on strike, and radicalism of various types flourished. Of course, in Russia, there was a revolution, although it later went horribly wrong and became one of the most oppressive states the world has known.

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Litha - Summer Festival as Solstice Arrives

This last Monday saw the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is known by many pagans as the festival of Litha, or high summer.  The Glastonbury based pagan and New Age shop Goddess and the Green Man poetically notes the high point of the year and the

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Progress for Progress Flag

Pink News reports that the “Progress Pride Flag”, one of the recent iterations of the longstanding LGBTQ symbol, designed in the seventies, has been updated with the purple circle on yellow emblem of the Intersex community.

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Scandal of Moralist Forced Adoption Exposed

The BBC News Channel and BBC-1's News at Ten reported on the scandal of forced adoption of children born to women living out of wedlock during the fifties, sixties and in to the seventies, when the changing morality of the sexual revolution brought the heinous pr

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De Jagger is First Eurovision Trans Presenter

Dutch icon Nikki de Jagger, a You Tube star with around fourteen million followers on the internet, became the first trans person to present at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, when there were an unusual four hosts representing differing backgrounds

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It's been fourteen years since the murder of Sophie Lancaster.


For centuries, strange bodies have been dug out of boglands that can be found across the ancient lands of Celtic Europe, from Denmark to Ireland.


“Remembering the Queen of Hearts”, is the headline on gossip magazine Hello this week, as the magazine marks the year that will see the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of Diana,


Amazon is sometimes portrayed as the sheer epitome of an evil multinational corporation, and certainly many lGBTQ people within trade unions will be aware of criticisms of its styl


International Women’s Day was celebrated on Monday, March 8th.  Many community media projects marked the day with programming by women for the whole community, including BCFM, Ujim

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