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Opting Out of UK Emergency Alert on Sunday

The BBC News Channel reports that some charities, including those working with people who experience domestic violence, say that some people could in theory be put at risk by the UK government's test of the Emergency Communications System on Sunday April 23rd at 15:00 (3pm British Time).  This could also impact those LGBTQIA people who are affected by domestic violence, or who maintain a secret phone if they are not out.

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Queer Women in Antiquity - Queer Spirit Site

The Queer Spirit website is geared towards this August’s celebration of new age, neo-pagan and esoteric LGBTQIA+ spirituality, but there is much more to enjoy on it, including several essays and blog posts to explore.

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Right Wing Paper's Hypocrisy on Joke Placard

The profoundly anti-transgender newspaper The Daily Telegraph got its proverbial pants in a pickle at the beginning of the week, when it reported that at a rally in support of the Scottish government and gender recognition reform in the country had included someone carrying a placard reading “Dec

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"Best Ever Batman" ever Passes On

Tributes from such stars as George Takei, Mark Hamill and Lynda Carter have been paid to Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, who has passed on to the realm of our gay ancestors at the age of sixty six after a battle with cancer.  Mr Conroy played Batman and Bruce Wayne in various multimedia formats

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Co-operation and not Competition Helps Sperm

There’s new scientific evidence that will frustrate those heterosexual supremacists that champion notions of “survival of the fittest” and think that humanity is the product of a fierce competition for resources.

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Open Democracy website reports on the activities of extremist groups in Scotland to try and discredit and disrupt the work of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, which has always worked with trans women


Wellwishers have been sending their regards to Dustin Lance Black, the husband of Olympic hero Tom Daley after Dustin revealed that he had recently sustained a head injury and was starting a long r


Many community radio stations serving the LGBTQIA communities suspended their normal programmes as a mark of respect as the late Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest on Monday 19th September.


Stephen King, master storyteller of the dark, supernatural and chilling, has a new book out ready for the long dark spooky nights of Autumn.

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