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OS Woman Loses Complaint Case Against Paper

Amanda Liberty, a woman with objectum sexuality, which refers to humans falling in love with inanimate objects, appears in a Dutch newspaper called De Stem. The paper reported that the UK based Ms Liberty had failed to bring a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, an organisation which most LGBTQ people will feel is somewhat toothless, after an article in the Sun newspaper spent most of its column inches ridiculing her.

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A Lesson for Christmas as Bigot Changes

And finally, a moment of seriousness and perhaps inspiration.  The Christmas season often features stories of redemption, of people discovering their humanity and the power of love, to quote the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song.  One of the most powerful and enduring tales for this time of year is

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National Radio Station Marks Garland's Death

RNIB Connect Radio broadcast a special tribute to mark fifty years since the death of Judy Garland last week. The radio station is Europe's only media outlet run entirely by people who are blind or living with partial vision, and holds a community radio license.

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Hilarious Drag Parody Show Makes BBC Show

“Drag Becomes Her”, a stage show currently touring in Manchester, has been critically acclaimed by many gay media, including the show reviews at the website “Cocktails and Cocktalk”.

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Egyptian Pharoah Reveals Her Secrets - CH4

Hatshepsut ruled Ancient Egypt between 1507 and 1458 BCE (Before Common Era, equivalent to BC).  With her name meaning "Foremost of Noble Ladies", she was alongside the much later Cleopatra, something of a rarity - a female Pharoah.  The Pharoahs had arisen when Egypt became one of the world's ea

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Anyone with an interest in women's history and literature, is sure to enjoy a documentary going out on BBC-4 Television late on Tuesday evening / Wednesday early morning 19th / 20th March.


On Tuesday 5th March, there will be several television programmes which might pique LGBT viewers' interest.  


Several programmes of interest to the LGBT community and campaigners for sexual freedom will be transmitted on Monday evening, 25th February on the main television services in the UK.


The Jewish Chronicle newspaper reports on a new biography of Harvey Milk, out in time for the fortieth anniversary of his assassination.


Lots of listeners to community radio will be aware of the debt the sector owes to pirate radio stations for opening up broadcasting. But what of Pirate TV?

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