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Celebrating the Ancient 'Drag Queen' God

The pagan religion of Antinous worship, with its open and well understood homosexual and bisexual male themes, has published an interesting article on the meaning of May 27th, as the United Kingdom enjoys a long Late Spring Bank Holiday weekend.  In Ancient Greece, by coincidence, 27th May was the festival of Comus, a lesser known god of their pantheon who was sacred to drag!  The historical blog tells us more:  "During his festival, the worshipers of Comus would dress in clothes of the opposite sex and have fun dancing all night.

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LGBT+ Humanists Welcome New 'God' Survey

A new report has shown that, despite attempts by the right wing newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and the government to shore up formal religious affiliation, the number of British people who follow an established religion has fallen below the fifty per cent mark.  In 

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Gay Male Pagan Group Consecrates Temple Bust

In spiritual news, the Cult of Antinous, a largely gay and bisexual male religion, says that the Temple of Avalon in the spiritual town of Glastonbury in South West England, has installed a new consecrated bust of Antinous, a lover of the Emporer Hadrian who was worshipped in the second century C

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Unitarians Slam Unravelling of US Democracy

In faith news, the Unitarian-Universalist movement, a religion that emerged from Protestant Christianity’s liberal and progressive traditions and encompasses a wide variety of humanistic theology, has strongly condemned the antics of the American right wing, who are engaged in a post-truth projec

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LGBT+ Pagans Celebrate Beltane

Pagan LGBT folks are celebrating the festival of Beltane, the height of Spring. The Glastonbury based pagan bookstore "The Goddess and the Green Man" puts it like this "Beltane honours Life. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer.

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Hidayah, the largest organisation for LGBTQIA+ Muslims, their families, partners and friends, has noted that the Shawwal Moon has been sighted.  Therefore, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan has com


Andy Foster from Birmigham, a gay Christian within the Church of England, disagrees with the view of a variety of progressive organisations including the National Secular Society, that the Church o


Muslims for Progressive Vales, a network based in the US with much international work in challenging fundamentalism and emphasising the liberal and tolerant traditions within Islam, has welcomed th


Ronald A Linsday writing in the US based atheist magazine Free Inquiry says that he takes issue with another columnist’s argument that fiscal conservatism is always associated with the religious ri


The Brighton Seagull, an independent newspaper in the city some consider to be the gayest in the UK, meets with the founder of “Queer Christians Brighton” about mental health, homelessness, and dev

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