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Bristol born Social Reformer Remembered

The gay and bisexual new age and pagan faith of Antinous, which has revived the sacred cult of the young lover of Hadrian, a religion which flourished in the second century, says that it celebrates the life of Bristol born social reformer and advocate of homosexuality, John Addington Symonds, who passed away on April 19th 1893.  Their illuminating biography of the man is historically concise and fascinating and reads as follows:  "THE Religion of Antinous honors St.

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Contradictory Messages from Catholic Church

Philadelphia Gay News reports that seemingly contradictory statements from the Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, continue to confound LGBTQIA+ Catholics.  On the one hand, the new document issued on April 8th, “Dignitas Infinita” on

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Exposing Religious Extremist Influence

The Guardian newspaper reports that a fundamentalist Christian extremist group, which seeks to impose a theocracy on society and prohibit samesex relationships, is increasing its spending ahead of a vote on decriminalising abortion in the UK.  The Guardian reports "The UK branch

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Episcopalian Gay Priest on Gym Training

LGBTQIA culture magazine QueerGuru meets with Father Ethan Alexander Jewett  -  an Episcopalian Priest.  Father Jewett is gay and has been partnered with his other half for the last thirty five years.  As the QueerGuru blog notes "The Episcopalian Church has always been known as

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Buddhism and Intersectional Liberation

Community activist and Buddhist practitioner Doctor G writes in the pages of the Buddhist magazine Lion's Roar on how progressive activists can learn from Buddhist teaching in striving for collective liberation.  Doctor G writes "Intersectional Black activists ha

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Tomara Garrod writing in the Buddhist magazine Lion's Roar, explores how living beyond the gender binary can be liberating and reflective of the Buddhist tradition


One Body One Faith - an ecumenical organisation advocating for LGBTQIA+ Christians of various denominations, says that a new book from Danny Brierly addresses the Evangelical Chris


The Unitarian Church, also known as the Free Christian or Unitarian-Universalist Faith, has since the nineteenth century advocated free enquiry and a very personal relationship wit


LGBTQIA Sikhs have been celebrating the Spring Festival of Vaisakhi with their friends and families this Saturday (13th April).  Vaisakhi is a solar New Year and spring festival an


Progressive Muslims and LGBTQIA Muslims have been sending their best wishes for the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr which began on Wednesday evening.  Eid marks the end of the lunar month of fasting and ch

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