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Progressive Muslim Conference Comes to US

A press release from the LGBT+ friendly Muslim Network, Muslims for Progressive Values, advertises the groups conference, and says "Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) takes great pleasure in inviting you to our 2023 national conference convening progressive and inclusive Muslims, Muslim organizations, as well as our friends and allies.   Our objective for this conference is to formulate collective strategies and actions, uniting our progressive Muslim voices effectively in the pursuit of promoting and upholding human rights values and social justice for all.

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Tour for LGBT+ Friendly Jewish Leaders

The Jewish Chronicle newspaper has latest news of the historic merger between two pro-LGBTQIA and diversity welcoming branches of the Jewish religion.   Rabbis Charley Baginsky and Josh Levy, who in April announced the merger of Liberal Judaism and the Movement for Reform Judaism

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LGBTQIA Jewish Peeps' wishes at Rosh Hashanah

The festival of Rosh Hashanah falls during this weekend.  The Jewish New Year is celebrated by many LGBTQIA Jews, whether or not they are usually observant of religious practice.  Wikipedia notes "Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: ראש השנה "Beginning of the Year") is the Je

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Humanists Profile Black Gay Hero J Baldwin

The Humanist Association has launched its summer 2023 social media campaign, saying that it will aim to amplify humanist and secular voices from history and literature and get them better known amongst the billions who use various social media platforms.  Amongst the writers it h

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Remembering Gods Love for Trans People

Roman Catholicism is sometimes criticised by campaigners for covering up abuse, oppression of women and minorities.  But on the other hand, the Catholic faith has a strong progressive tradition, with social justice a key demand of earthly governments.  Did you know for example that His Holiness P

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Top  LGBTQIA newswire based in London, Pink News, meets with the first trans man to be appointed head of a major congregation by a mainstream religious denomination.  Elliot Kukla


The National Secular Society which campaigns against the more egregious examples of religious privilege and associated bigotry, has rebranded and revamped its website with a new lo


LGBTQIA Pagans and followers of earth based religions are sending their greetings as the wheel of the year turns to the festival of the first harvest, known in Celtic countries as 


The neo-pagan religion of Antinous worship, which is followed by some gay and bisexual men, and which is a resurrected form of a second century cult of male love proclaimed by the nearly exclusivel


The utter madness as well as cruelty of internet right wing trolls was exposed this week after a pile on by angry white men on the Reverend Wendy Dalrymple, who has been appointed to the position o

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