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DJ Phil Moves on to Vegan Pastures New

Phil Marriott has made his final programme for the UK's largest single LGBTQ radio network, the Fhttps://www.gaydio.co.uk/london/M and digital broadcaster Gaydio. Other presenters at the radio station paid tribute to Mr Marriott over the weekend and wished him well in new ventures. Mr Marriott is popular as a club DJ as well – he works on the London gay scene at the Two Brewers and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. He is also an active member of London Vegan Group and the general editor of podcasts made by Plant Based News.

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TV Treats for a Hot August Night in the UK

Behind the Candelabra is the feature film tonight, Saturday August 8th, on BBC-1 television, starting at five past midnight.

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BBC Four Examines Gay Artefacts from Romans

On Thursday evening, there is another chance to see “Treasures of Ancient Rome” on BBC Four with art critic Alaister Sooke, on BBC Four Television. The programme is the second in a two part series which sees Sooke look at Roman art and what it leaves to us in the modern world.

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Curating Hip Hop Playlists with LGBTQ Artists

Hip-Hop music has been a dominant force in pop for the last thirty years.  Nurtured in the UK by people such as Tim Westwood on LWR and Kiss FM pirate radio in the eighties and then the BBC, the genre has taken great strides in the years since the coming of age of the internet, t

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Choices Grow for LGBTQ Media in the Midlands

We are always pleased to encourage LGBTQ media at “ShoutOut”. The aim of our projects is to be better service the community, and we do not see ourselves in competition with other services, all of which are needed to provide a depth to the media that our community can rely on.

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Spotify, the music streaming platform, has been praised by campaigners against hatred after it removed a song described by many as “Islamophobic” and also deeply insulting to the several thousand p


There’s a treat for television fans on Friday night.  At 10pm, vintage channel Talking Pictures TV heads back to 1975 and the classic movie adaptation of outrageous camp classic 


Strangeways Radio takes its name from a seminal album from the gender questioning indie pop group of the nineteen eighties The Smiths.


Sounds of the Eighties on BBC Radio Two, which airs on Friday nights, is this week looking to the July of 1985.

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