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Vindication in Court for LGBT+ POC Shop

The Bristol Cable Newspaper reports this quarter on the fines imposed upon a rogue landlord called Thomas Flight, whose tenants were subject to harrassment and gaslighting, and a “web of deceit” as the judge Michael Cullum put it.  Mr Flight was ordered to pay twelve thousand pounds in fines and twenty four thousand to Bristol City Council for the costs of its investigation into his malpractice.  Whilst the court heard that malpractice had been going on for several years, it was after the highly public harassment of the managers of the black community and LGBT+ friendly café and bookstore “

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New Mobile App Helps to Report, Track Hate

A new phone app has been launched by Vodafone’s charitable arm to help LGBTQIA+ people report hate crimes.  Zoteria takes its name from the Greek goddess of safety and deliverance from harm.  QX Magazine takes up the story and says “Zoteria enables people to report hate crime incidents, either ag

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Bill to Protect Marriage Equality in US

A Bill to protect samesex marriages as well as those of inter-racial couples is expected to pass the United States Senate on Tuesday evening. The House would then need to approve the legislation before sending it to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

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"Post Truth Nightmare" Sees Bizarre Claims

“We live in a post truth nightmare. Donald Trump denies things that he’s caught saying on film and his supporters actually believe him. Putin rewrites history when it suits him and the Tories lie through their back teeth.

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French ACT-UP Activist Acquitted in Court

French gay magazine Tetu reveals that the former President of the direct action campaign group ACT UP in Paris has been aquitted of defamation by the courts. A case against him was brought by Helene Bidard, a Stalinist feminist and member of the authoritarian Partie Communiste Francais.

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Wikipedia reports that Marion Boyd, a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario for the social democratic party the NDP, has passed on at the age of seventy six.


LGBTQIA activists have long argued that homophobes are usually dangerous individuals capable of acts of tremendous violence.


“A shining example of what Christian Family Values looks like in practice.


A short term prison sentence ended up being a death sentence for one young man living with HIV, after the authorities denied him the care that he was legally entitled to and which would have kept h


Humanists UK, which is an umbrella group for non-religious people nationwide, has welcomed the proposals in the Queen’s Speech ahead of the new Parliamentary session, to close down illegal and unre

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