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Nazi Police Officer Shocks Met

The Metropolitan Police is again reeling after a trial of a formerly serving young officer who it emerged was a member of a far right wing group called National Action, so far right in fact, that it was proscribed around five years ago as a terrorist organisation and since then has largely gone underground, continuing to function under the title of NS131. As with most neo-Nazi groups, National Action and its successor is committed to the ideology of heterosexual supremacy as well anti-Semitism and religious extremism.

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Police Cleared Om Actions Against Women Demo

BBC Radio news reports that the Metropolitan Police have been formally cleared of any wrongdoing during the controversial policing of an unauthorized protest of women who were marking the murder of Sarah Everard, an issue which has prompted a national debate on heterosexual male violence against

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Gay Millionaire Makes Huge Donation to ACLU

Atheist magazine The Freethinker welcomes the uprecedented grant by philanthropist Jon L Stryker to the American Civil Liberties Union. Mr Stryker is gay and has long supported liberal, HIV, LGBTQ and sexual freedom causes through his grants.

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Free Speech Row at Bristol University

Bristol LGBTQ students and all those with an interest in hate crime, free speech and the boundaries between what is and what is not acceptable in political discourse are watching closely as a row develops at the University of Bristol.  A controversial academic called Professor Miller, whose views

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Greens Launch Intersex Working Group

The Green Party's LGBTIA Group has said that it is setting up a working group on Intersex Rights as part of its response to discrimination experienced by intersex people.

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Jewish Women's Aid says that referrals to its services are up on last year, reflecting the way in which the Coronavirus lockdowns have affected women living in abusive relationship


The Police are getting the balance of enforcing Covid19 rules “just about right”.


Wikipedia reports that protests in Poland are now in their fourth week over a decision by the Constitutional Tribunal to make nearly all instances of abortion in the country illega


The gay leader of the Welsh Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru has given his broad endorsement to the decision of the Labour led government of Wales to implement its “circuit breaker”


Jacqui Cuff, speaking in the local community paper The Week In represents the Cats Protection League, the largest charity working with cats and kittens and of cour

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