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Hypocrisy of "Free Speech Warrior" Musk

Arwa Mahadawi writing in the Guardian, says that the homophobia defender and self proclaimed "free speech absolutist", billionaire Elon Musk, is nothing of the sort.  In fact, he is a hypocrite, defending the right wing's dubious ability to attack other people whilst having an extremely thin skin himself.  Arwa writes "Despite the fact that he styles himself as a free speech warrior, Musk has also made it very clear that he’s not keen on certain forms of free speech.

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Remembering Gay Hero George's Political Acts

In the current issue of the centre left to left wing magazine Tribune, the voice of the progressive faction within Labour, Shahla Omar praises the late great gay hero pop star George Michael, who was outspoken in his opposition to the Blair and George W Bush gove

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Devon Strikes Blow for Bodily Autonomy

David Oliver at USA Today, a top selling broadsheet in the States, meets with Devon Price, who wants to open up discussions around the politicised issue of transition pauses and temporary detransitioning amongst transgender people.  Devon says that he transitione

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British Public's Mixed Opinions on Sex Work

Pink News reports on a new survey of public attitudes towards sex work conducted by the respected opinion following website YouGov.  The results are positive for sexual freedom activists, with a majority believing that it should be legal for people to pay for sex in the UK.  Men

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Tories are the "Real Extremists" - Mirror

Darren Lewis, writing in the centre left paper The Daily Mirror, says that 'The extremists we should really fear taking over the country are in the Conservative Party'.  In an essay looking at the hard right's attempts to influence public policy and dial up a "cultural war" like

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The film Wicked Little Letters, starring Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley, deals with the strange case of the Littlehampton Letters of 1920, when the quaint seasid


Mandy Len Catron from the Loneliness Project writes for the Guardian newspaper some thoughts on non-monogamy, as one of her friends embarks on a four way relationship, and with sta


LGBTQIA Ally Carol Vorderman is to return to radio.  The famous presenter, who leapt to the defence of fellow broadcaster, the  gay Radio 2 star Owain Wyn Evans, when he was subjec


It will enrage the JK Rowling type fake feminists, who have always tried to force lesbians into politically correct sexuality, but DIVA Magazine, the world's largest lesbian magazi


RBC News in Ukraine says that the British Minister of Defence, Grant Shapps, has warned democracies the world over that there will be "serious consequences" if the autocratic Russi

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