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Roxanne Slams "Absurd Billionaire" Rowling

Roxanne Gay is a feminist icon, according to Pink News and our friends at Trans Radio UK. She is a black bisexual woman who grew up in an underprivileged part of the United States and is qualified to discuss many aspects of intersectionality, that is, how different parts of our identities shape our experience. Roxanne has blogged and essayed many times about her own experiences as a larger woman, and how it feels to be a woman abused by heteropatriarchal society. She has pulled no punches this week as she quietly exposes anti-trans writer JK Rowling.

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Toksvig on Getting More Women in Hosting TV

The Daily Mirror reports that Sandi Toksvig, one of the UK's gay heros and national treasures for her television and radio work has called on British television companyies to employ more women as hosts of programmes.

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"Cancel Culture" is Nothing of the Sort Claim

Many groups in society, including at the moment, those who are flavour of the month with right wing commentators such as transgender people or black women, are accused of being part of a new phenomenon, namely “cancel culture”.

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Podcast Launch for Gay Friendly Co-op Group

The Co-op has a podcast! Well, we live in a world of podcasts, a wonderful world of on demand listening.

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Daisy Strikes Back Against Body Form Haters

Media and film website Digital Spy has a little gem this week for all those who want to hit back at internet trolls and also stand up against body shape fascism.  Daisy May Cooper has been recruited to Channel Four’s television series Gogglebox, in which a group

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Fighting the Bolsanaro government in Brazil is something that a considerable number of LGBTQ people will want to do.


Eleanor Margolis writes in the “I” Newspaper about what she says are the sometimes weird products that are rainbow themed to mark Pride season.


Talk Radio station LBC reports that the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper has attacked the respected animal welfare charity the RSPCA as being “taken over” by the more militant wing of the animal rights


Gina Rippon, whose book, The Gendered Brain, is out now from Bodley Head Publishers, looks at several titles on gender and the brain for The Guardian newspaper.

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