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Tributes Paid to French Gay Film Hero

The French speaking LGBTQ+ world has paid tribute to the gay film-maker Paul Vecchiali who has passed on at the age of ninety-two.  Mr Vecchiali made his first film in 1961, but it was in the nineteen eighties that he was most active with Wikipedia noting “Paul Vecchiali has made more than fifty films (including his television productions), addressing the themes of AIDS, sexuality (gay, bi or asexuality), the death penalty and religion.

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LGBT+ Folk Join March Against Israel Govt

The Trotskyist daily paper “News Line”, which is published by the Workers Revolutionary Party, says the far right coalition government in Israel, assembled by Prime Minsiter Benjamin Netanyahu, is dismantling democracy, wiping out checks and balances in the legal system and opening the way to wha

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Remembering LGBTQIA Victims of Fascist Terror

Holocaust Memorial Day falls this year on Friday, 27th January. The date is now a formal observation of the British government and commemorates the attempt by the fascist government of Germany after 1941 to murder the entire Jewish population of Europe. They killed over six million Jews.

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Gay Podcaster Takes Stand for Body Diversity

Gay newspaper the Sydney Star Observer in Australia says that podcaster Christian Hull is taking a stand for body diversity within the LGBTQIA community, embracing thinner, larger, hairier and just different bodies, and encouraging our community in particular, to reject the body fascism of a yout

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Social Media to Blame for Far Right Pathology

ML Clark writing on the atheist web site Only Sky says that social media is once again implicated in an assault by far right wingers on democratic institutions – this time in Brazil, where supporters of outgoing President Bolsanaro ransacked the capital on January 8th.

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LGBTQIA+ people of a Chinese background will be sending their greetings this weekend as the calendar reaches the Chinese New Year. We are entering into the Year of the Rabbit.


The Jewish Chronicle newspaper reports that actor Mel Gibson, a Catholic conservative with strong opinions about  most of society, has been dropped from a planned role as a “grand marshal” in the N


The Sydney Star Observer, Australia’s long standing independent LGBTQIA newspaper, says that inclusive spaces are important in rural communities.  Art Simone, a runner up in the hit television seri


LGBTQ Nation newswire from the US says that Patmos Library in Jamestown Township, Michigan has only ninety books that deal with LGBTQ people in a collection of nearly seventy thousand, but that has


Lesbian writer and actor Miriam Margolyes, whose book “This Much is True” is selling well at London’s Gay’s The Word bookstore, is taking our television screens on Tuesday 27th December and Tuesday

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