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Orderly Transfer to Gay Friendly President

In current and continuing news, there has in the last twenty four hours been what the liberal paper The Guardian called a “proper transfer of power” as United States democracy triumphed over the gaggle of far right wing and conspiracy groups that had tried to intimidate the Senate two weeks ago, and the forty sixth President of the US, Mr Joe Biden and his vice President Kamala Harris, the most senior black woman in the US administration, have been sworn in.

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Russian Democrat Calls for Resistance

Russian opposition leader, and one of the few Russian politicians to speak out in favour of LGBTQ human rights, Aleksei Nalvany, is defiant after being detained by the authoritarian Russian state the moment he returned to his home country.

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FBI Appeals for Intelligence on Right Wingers

As the first arrests are made in the States over the right wing “invasion” of the Capitol's buildings last week, LGBTQ groups and activists are among those being invited by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the FBI, to supply intelligence on any people or groups who took part in the violent p

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Gay Mayor is Now First "Out" in Cabinet

Gay Star News reports that Democratic politicians Peter Buttigieg is set to become the first openly gay member of a Presidential Cabinet in United States history, after President Elect Joe Biden appointed him to be Transport Secretary. Mr Buttigi

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Shock Revelations About BBC Persian Service

The relationship between the international LGBTQ community and the BBC, already under strain after years of misreporting, is at breaking point this week after the ever-vigilant Peter Tatchell Foundation revealed that its Perisan Service, aimed at

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Popular US gay website Queerty was busy late last week, after the debacle on Capitol Hill when supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump beseiged the very heart of US governmen


The new, one hundred and seventeenth US Congress is the most diverse in history.


Dissident radio network for Eastern Europe, Radio Free Europe has reported how state run and owned media in Russia has hit a new low with a major television programme depicting former US President


You may not have come across the name Sukie De La Croix before, but the Chicago based gay activist and performance artist grew up in post war Bath, and from there joined the fledgl


A special greeting to all our listeners in the United States and its dependent territories, as well as Brazil, where Thanksgiving falls this week.  Its roots go back to European ha

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