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Landmark Ruling in Kenya Offers Hope

African LGBTQIA+ newswire Mamba Online reports that the High Court in Mombasa has issued a landmark interim ruling, ordering anti-gay groups and individuals to refrain from inciting violence against LGBTQ+ people in Kenya.  The court order issued on Monday restrains MPs and other anti-LGBTQ+ activists from “calling on or inciting members of the public to carry out extra-judicial killing, lynching, punishing, stoning, forcible conversion or any other means of harming LGBTQ+ identifying persons and their homes, expulsion from Kenya or any part of Kenya of LGBTQ+ identifying persons or closure

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Report Accuses Aus Police of Heavy Handedness

Australian gay newspaper the Sydney Star Observer says that a new report found that policing of the Mardi Gras Festival Events by New South Wales police was unncessarily heavy handed.  The report was compiled by Inner City Legal Centre and the 

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Donations Welcomed for Iraqi LGBTQIA+ Groups

It's another consequence of the Bush-Blair War on Iraq in 2003.  Foolishly supported by some LGBT+ right wingers and hawks, the war on Iraq toppled a nasty dictatorship, but one which did not persecute women or LGBT+ people with quite the severity of the chaotic despotic rule that has followed th

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New Book Celebrates Women's Uprising in Iran

LGBTQIA+ people, women and minority groups from Iran, languishing under the clerical fascist dictatorship of the Ayatollah's, will be in no doubt as the human rights situation in the benighted country.  Local Bristol based bookstore Heron Books in Clifton this week celebrates the

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PTHRF Pledges Solidarity with West Papuans

The Peter Tatchell Human Rights Foundation has encouraged its supporters to consider protesting against the state of Indonesia and its occupation of West Papua.  The United Liberation Movement for West Papua's President, Benny Wenda writes "I am truly horrified b

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Q Voice News reports that the Californian City of Sacramento has passed, by a unanimous vote in its legislature, to become a place of sanctuary for transgender peo


QueerGuru, the excellent culture and arts website, reports that a new movie documentary looks at the history and contemporary culture of Fire Island, the Atlantic


Australian based gay magazine DNA reports that police in New Zealand are seeking three individuals who vandalised a rainbow road crossing in Gisborne town.  The perpetrators are re


GaySA Radio and Mamba Online, both respected media working for South Africa's LGBTQIA+ communities, both reported this week that South Africa, alongside Australia,


Wayne Besen, progressive chat show host on US radio and blogger, warns that fundamentalist religious groups and cynical corrupt rulers are waging war against LGBTQIA+ Africans.  Wa

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