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Anti-Trans Politician's Child Work Hypocrisy

Sometimes there are few words to describe the hypocrisy of anti-LGBT+ politicians.  Most are inconsistent, fragile and extremely cruel, especially in the United States.  Now says LGBTQ Nation, a veritable insane policy has issued from mad transphobe Republican Joanna King in Indiana.  While King approves of parents deciding when to end their child’s education and force them into demanding agricultural labour, King opposes parents helping their children obtain gender-affirming care.  Her new proposed bill will reduce the age at which children can be exploited in gruelling fa

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Kremlin Says that War is About Toilets

LGBTQIA people, and other minority groups including Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, anarchists, punks, heavy metal fans and any opposition political group, need no instruction on how the Russian state has removed their civil rights and given the green light to bullying, state intimidation and haras

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Fundies Lose "Right" To Withdraw Medical Care

LGBTQ Nation newswire says that the Biden administration has finally overturned a Trump era diktat which would have allowed Christian fundamentalist health care workers to refuse to treat LGBTQIA people, pregnant women or women who had had a child outside of heterosexual marriage

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Trans Activists Join in Defence of Housing

The anarchist newspaper Freedom reports that transgender activists have joined with anarchists, African-American punks and other countercultures to defend the Skull Squat in downtown New York.  A spokesperson for the squatters said "An affordable housing co-opera

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Danger to Democracy if Trump Wins - Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist member of the US Congress, who has championed the left of the Democratic Party and stood up for progressive values during extremely conservative administrations, says that a second term for Donald Trump would be "even more extreme" than th

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Top LGBT+ newswire Pink News has published a summary of an analysis of the LGBTQIA+ population of the United States, conducted by the Williams Institute at the University of Califo


Taran Unwin has started a petition at the LGBTQIA lobbying web portal  In an open letter to the Prime Minister of the UK, which Unwin is asking other people to sign, th


There's some good news from WMUK the college radio station for Western Michigan University.  They report that increasing numbers of rural Prides are taking place in the US and visi


Dissident radio network Radio Free Europe which transmits pro democracy programming at countries with little functioning free media, says that few Russians are particularly surpris


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