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Peter Tatchell Offers Critique of Monarchy

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has declined an invite to attend the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations outside Buckingham Palace. Mr Tatchell criticised the Queen’s failure to even mention LGBTQIA+ people during her seventy year reign, the longest since the first monarchs of a united England in the ninth century. The organisers of the Buckingham Palace event should perhaps have realised that Mr Tatchell would decline any invite. He was asked some thirty years ago by the bar paper “Boyz” whether he’d accept an OBE. “Certainly not”, he replied.

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Right Wing No Defenders of "Free Speech"

It seems that white male crusaders for free speech, who regularly bemoan modern young people, LGBTQIA+ people and other minorities for taking umbrage at their views, are not so interested in free debate after all.

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Beware Puritanism Left and Right - Observer

Eva Wiseman writing in the Observer newspaper warns against puritanism on both the extreme political left and right as she analyses what is driving anti-sex crusades in the UK and US, which frequently are a cover for anti-LGBTQIA policies and efforts to undermine women’s rights.  Eva takes a long

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We Need to Fight Together - News Columnist

Arwa Mahdawi writing in the Guardian warns feminists, LGBTQIA people, people with alternative lifestyles and anyone who is not a “cisgender white straight male” to set aside their differences and united to fight the Republican Party, which she said is coming after all Americans who are not like t

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Gay Heroes Celebrated

Gay male clothing brand Andrew Christian blogs this week about gay celebrities and famous people that the community can be proud of. Among those it nominates are television vet Jesus Vasquez from Spain, Swedish football player Anton Hysen, and Italian singer Tiziano Ferro.  

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We send "Shoutout" greetings to people marking three important festivals this week.  From sundown on Tuesday was the Jewish festival of Purim, a joyous occasion marked with charitable works and off


Nadya Tolokonnikova from the feminist and LGBTQIA supporting punk rock group Pussy Riot has spoken candidly to The Guardian newspaper about the conflict in the Ukraine.


Jenna Scaramanga writing at the new atheist web portal Only Sky makes an impassioned and personal case for the total celebration of trans identities, saying that she wished she’d been able to trans


The North Wales Daily Post says that a woman from Essex is hitting back at misogynistic heterosexual males who verbally abuse larger size women in the streets.


The UK government has been accused of rank hypocrisy when it complains about “cancel culture” being practiced by supposedly woke groups in society.

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