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Trailblazing Actor Remembered in EU Paper

She was loved by gay raconteur and trailblazer Oscar Wilde. She had a string of famous male lovers and couldn't give two hoots for the moralistic conventions of either the early feminist movement or the male chauvinist establishment of her day. A famous actor who was praised by Mark Twain and one of the first people ever to be filmed in a theatrical role. She was Sarah Bernhardt, who lived from 1844 to 1923 and who was featured recently in the “Great Europeans” page of the pro-remain newspaper, The New European.

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Soxty Per Cent of Germas Demand More Action

Around sixty per cent of the German population believe their government should do more to deal with the challenge posed by the far right wing movement. That was the finding of a report broadcast on the pro-Russian news channel Russia Today, also known as RT in Europe.

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Gay and Lesbian People and the French Moment

On Monday night, Classic FM, one of Britain's national classical music radio networks, presents a programme dedicated to the amazing works of French composers.

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Russian Crackdowns Affect More than LGBTs

More concerning news regarding the situation of human rights in Russia.  Radio Free Europe, the famous pro-liberty radio station that broadcasts to Russia on shortwave and is financed by a grant from the United States, reports that two young members of the Mormon Church, known officially as t

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Amnesty Calls for NI Law Reforms

The Irish World newspaper, which is a community paper for Irish people living in Britain, reports that Amnesty International has called on the UK government to intercede in Northern Ireland's politics and grant samesex marriage as well as the right to abortion.

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BBC Radio Four dramatised the story of Pussy Riot at the weekend, the pro-LGBT, pro-democracy feminist punk rock group who were persecuted by the Russian State and the increasingly belligerent Russ


It was not widely reported in the UK, but the left wing fortnightly paper The Socialist, formerly known as Militant, says that a school strike and demonstrations, whose demands in


The pro-democracy broadcaster Radio Free Europe says that the Prime Minister of Serbia and the Mayor of the Capital City, Belgrade, joined several hundred LGBT activists in a show of solid


The New European newspaper, which is the main voice of the anti-BREXIT movement in the UK, has received largely good feedback for its pop up “feminist” edition edited by Caroline Crialdo-P


The left wing weekly paper Socialist Worker says that around one hundred thousand people have protested in Budapest against the government of Victor Orban, which is anti-gay and has also b

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