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Anger at Death of Cameraman at hands of Mob

In Georgia, demonstrations continue after the violent murder of a gay camerman, Alexander Lashkarava at the weekend. Mr Lashkarava's murder by a homophobic mob followed weeks of violent provocation by neo-Nazis and nationalist religionists, who had broken into LGBTQ organisations headquarters and ransacked offices. Journalistic freedom groups and human rights activists have united with LGBTQ campaigners to hold demonstrations, at considerable personal risk, against the authoritarian government of Irakli Garibashvili .

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Messages of Support After Tblisi Pride Stops

Euronews Channel reports that organisers of the proposed Pride March in the Georgian capital, Tblisi, have cancelled the event after threats and intimidation from Nazi and orthodox religious groups, coupled with an apparent indifference from the supposedly impartial and secular a

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Thousands Rally for Pride in Hungary

The Guardian carries pictures of the weekend's main LGBTQ Freedom March in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

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Hooligans Will Not Defeat Our Community

Beat-FM, a commercial radio station in South Western Ireland that has partnered with local Pride campaigns, says that rainbow flags have been cut down in Waterford by a group of heterosexual hooligans.

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Barbaric Spike in Homo-hatred crime in Spain

The head of the Observatory on Homophobia, known as OCH, in Catalunya, Spain has described a sickening cycle of “barbaric” homophobic attacks this year, as another gay male couple was assaulted and another man required surgery to his face.

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The Shetland Islands are probably to see their first independent Pride event in the June of 2022, according to a report on the BBC News Channel.


Italy pioneered community broadcasting in the libertarian 1970's, but it has also retained a popular state broadcaster, called RAI.


Napoleon Bonaparte died on May 5th in 1821.


Issue Ninety Three of Organise!, the quarterly journal of the Anarchist Federation, is available now for sale at radical bookstores and meeting places, and for fre


And some late breaking news on the Dutch General Election.  Cable and satellite news network Al Jazeera says that it’s most up to date opinion poll is predicting the anti-immigrati

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