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Greece Appoints its First Gay Cabinet Member

Them, an online magazine for LGBTQ politics and equality, reports on a major step forward in a country which many of us have visited but where there is still much public intolerence of diversity, with over forty per cent of people saying that homosexuality should “not” be tolerated. The country is Greece, where despite its rich past of gender diversity and ancient experiments in democracy, attitudes lag behind those of western Europe.

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French Statesperson and Reformer Passes On

Cable Network Euronews reports that the former French President, Monsieur Valery-Giscard D'Estang has passed on at the age of ninety four. D'Estang had a long career in democracy and defending democratic institutions.

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LGBTQ Activists Join French Demonstrations

Bloggers and some more radical parts of the LGBTQ movement have joined with other campaign groups in France to express concern about new legislation which would prohibit people taking photographs or images of the faces of police officers.

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Progressive News from Moldova as Power Moves

International news channel Al Jazeera reports that there has been a positive result for pro-EU and pro-liberal parties in the Moldovan Presidential Election.  The pro-Russian authoritarian incumbent was defeated by a liberal female challenger, Maia Sandu.  The BBC News Ch

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Honour for Tipperary Woman in Irish Navy 1st

The Irish Post, a community newspaper for the Irish in Britain, says that a woman from Tipperary in the Republic has been appointed to the rank of commander in the Irish Navy. This is the first time such an important rank has been held by a woman.

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The far right Hungarian government continues to flout international norms and democratic values, according to Human Rights groups and the European Union.


It's time for a little LGBTQ history. And a small piece of justice that shows what real Christian compassion looks like.


The Hindustan Times based in New Delhi reports that around fifteen far right wing activists have been arrested in the Swedish City of Malmo, following a stunt in which white suprem


Despite rainy conditions, a protest was well supported outside City Hall or the Council House, here in Bristol on Tuesday evening.


International cable news channel Al Jazeera reports that it is bad news for minorities and liberal values in Poland, as the country’s hard right President, Andrezj Duda is re-elect

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