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Elton Auctions off Possessions & Raises Funds

Gay hero pop star Elton John is auctioning off clothes, furniture and artwork via the Christie's Auction House in New York.  One of the lots, a pinball machine specially designed with Elton's image, will raise funds for his international AIDS Foundation.  Valuers estimate that the most expensive item will be an original Banksy artwork, depicting a man throwing what appears at first glance to be a molotov cocktail, but later emerges as a bouquet of flowers.  There are so man

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Supporting Gay, Trans and Non Binary Business

Top LGBTQIA+ newswire Pink News is urging members of the community to support LGBT+ businesses for their Christmas shopping this year, and go on to list their top ten recommendations.  They include Bristol based gender neutral clothing brand Lucy and Yak, who are

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Gay Label Introduces Tuck Clothing

The gay and bi men's underwear and swimwear brand Andrew Christian have broken ground in 2023, with a new range of sexy wear for older and larger men and publishing blog statements against ageism and sizeism within the gay scene.

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Homophobic Politician Defrauded Public Funds

LGBTQIA activists have often argued that homophobes and transphobes are corrupt, evil, narcissistic and of detriment to society because they do not believe in democracy or rule of law.  Well, evidence this week that underscores this assertion comes from the United States, and is reported on in th

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Bristol's Charity Shops Make a Scene at Pride

Pride is being celebrated by numerous companies as we know, but a particular acknowledgement must go to independent, grass roots and not for profit organisations who are also marking the Pride season.  Here in our home city of Bristol, dozens of charity shops are emblazoned with rainbows.  One ch

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The high street Co-opwhich is undoubtedly the most ethical of the main supermarket chains in the UK, by dint of it being owned by its customers and not corporate concerns, has a


Hopping mad right wingers are threatening to boycott the famous Danish brand Lego, after it launched its Pride Month campaign which, according to newswire Pink News will "highlight


In recent international news, Disney in Florida, one of the largest employers in the state and a key driver of tourism, has hit back with a lawsuit against attempts by the far right administration


In economics news, bisexual business expert Mary Portas has written to the head of the John Lewis Partnership to ask them to keep their unique partnership model.  Reuters says that Portas has writt


The communist daily newspaper The Morning Star, says that Oxford City Council will extend its analysis of workers pay, which already focuses on women’s and disabled peoples wages, to include LGBT+

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