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Detailed Map Highlights Trans Rights Progress

Top LGBTQIA newswire Pink News reports that  Transgender Europe a network of trans organisations across the continents, has published its 2023 Trans Rights Map, which illustrates the legal situation in 49 countries in Europe and five in Central Asia.    Countries are ranked on a colour-coded map, with 30 indicators in six legal categories: legal gender recognition, asylum, hate crime and incitement via speech, non-discrimination, health and family. The more indicators a country has, the better it is for trans people and trans rights.

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Full Line Up of Events for Wolves LGBT+ Group

Wolverhampton based LGBT+ radio station Gorgeous FM, which is available on digital radio in some cities across the UK and online, reports that Wolves LGBT+ Network have a full line up of events coming up in November.  Stride with Pride is a walki

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The Story of the Autumn Season Queer Balls

In the online LGBT+ magazine, Oliver Haug explores how Hallowe'en, an ancient harvest festival with roots in pagan and pre-Christian celtic Europe,  became known as the start of gay party season.  Oliver writes "Halloween is a night when we can embrace o

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Gay and Bi Men United Against Body Fascism

The Fatphobia Busters blog is an LGBTQIA friendly blog on the Tumblr platform with art, photography, and polemics and is a good start for connecting with the body positivity movements.  They include a celebration of Bear Culture amongst gay and bi men as a part of their work, and

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Gaydio LGBT+ Network Prepares for Awards

The UK's largest networked LGBTQIA broadcaster, Gaydio, which operates in Manchester, London, Brighton and in some other municipalities, says that it is preparing for its 2024 Awards Ceremony.  Media website RCS Radio Today reports "The 2024 ceremony will be dedicated to recognis

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Many LGBTQIA people sport piercings or tattoos and there has been a long tradition of tattooing in LGBTQIA culture, arguably stretching back into the nineteenth century.  According


We have to thank the Tumblr blogsite Fatliberation, which never forgets the roots of different forms of oppression, and which brings a feminist lesbian, transfeminist and queer ana


On Sunday 26th November, Active Distribution plus the Vegetarian and Vegan Venue the Exchange next to the Stag and Hounds present the pre-Christma


he Bear Subculture of gay and bi men, which celebrates larger and hairier body types, has its own community infrastructure.  Over the years, podcasts, magazines, books, even the on


October 11th is International Coming Out Day, and not only that, it is also Latinx LGBTQ History Month in the United States.  The cultural blog at the website of gay and bi men's f

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