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Post-Black Friday, Support for LGBT+ Business

This Friday is sometimes called "Black Friday" - the day after Thanksgiving in the US, when companies reduce prices after one holiday and prepare for the next, which is Christmas in many people's calendars.  It is characterised by a shopping frenzy in a lot of cities and suburban malls.  But for anti-capitalist and anti-consumerist LGBTQIA people, it is also "Buy Nothing Day".  In a press statement, the UK network for Buy Nothing Day explains "Buy Nothing Day was started by controversial magazine Adbusters in the early 90's and has since grown into an international event celebrated in more

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NY Fetish Gay Brand Has Hallowe'en Pop Up

If you're a New York fella, whether gay, bi, pan or trans, and looking for a fetishistic look for Hallowe'en parties, then the gay run leather and fetish brand Nasty Pig have a pop up store that might interest you.  From noon till 7pm on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October, the

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LGBT Businesses Kick off Winter Trade

Gay Pride Shop in Central Manchester - one of a new wave of LGBTQIA and progressive businesses that have opened in the rough political climate of recent years, has been in touch with us to say that their winter clothing stock is now coming in.  Scarves and bobble hats are availab

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Top Fashion Designer on New Gender Fluidity

Danmarks Radio, the public broadcaster in Denmark, meets with upcoming fashion designer Søren Le Schmidt in a recent programme called "Denmark's Next Clothing Designer".  A pioneer of upcycling and ecologically conscious recycling back in the nineties before there was such a name

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Book Town Hay Gains a Gay Bookstore- Hoorah!

In inspirational that in recent times of hardship and oppression, there has been an resurgence in the number of independent, LGBTQIA and feminist bookstores opening across the UK.  Many towns and cities now have such outlets, where ideas can be learned and spread.  From the Welsh border town of 

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Advertising can sometimes be a strange bedfellow for LGBTQIA Pride, and there is a healthy scepticism amongst many on the activist left of the LGBT+ movement about corporations who promote diversit


In Bristol, LGBTQIA+ friendly retailers, both corporate and independent, have been flying flags and showcasing products for the rainbow communities.  HMV have a strong queer brande


Although anti-capitalist groups allied to LGBTQIA politics have a strong critique of corporate support for Pride events, many others in the LGBTQIA+ community also welcome visibility in advertising


There is, as we have reported many times, a long standing relationship between LGBTQIA+ liberation movements and body acceptance movements.  From Susie Orbach's treatise "Fat is a Feminist Issue" t

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