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Gay Skins Gain Fashionista Store on Park St

What do we make of Gay Skinheads? The skinhead look has been popular with some quarters of gay men since the nineteen eighties if not earlier. It's a look criticised by some because of the use of skins as a bootboy army by parts of the far right wing in the seventies. However, did you know that the original skinheads took their look from Jamaican rude boy culture, and that the early skin clubs played black music such as reggae and rocksteady? There is also a lively anti-fascist movement with the skinhead subculture, and it is to this that many gay skins gravitate.

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Cosmetics Chain Apologises for Donation

Youth magazine Dazed has joined Pink News and many other media in reporting that vegan and fairtrade cosmetics chain LUSH, which has long positioned itself as an ally to LGBTQ People, and participated in Pride type events, had been found to have

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Etsy Brand Shows LGBTQ Love at Christmas

Italy's top LGBTQ radio station DeeGay FM reports that in Central Europe, another advertiser is showing the power of love as the festive season approaches.

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LGBTQ Friendly Retailer Group May Cut Jobs

Sky News Channel reports that around three thousand five hundred jobs nationwide are at risk from cutbacks at Sainsbury’s Supermarket and its subsidiaries including Argos.  The Sainsbury corporaton has pursued policies which have

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Lack of Black Directors at Top Levels - Voice

The top selling BAME newspaper The Voice reports that just one in two hundred executive directors of top notch FTSE 100 companies is from a black background, even though most of these corporate giants are situated in London, where around forty per cent of the population is black

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Some local news from the pages of South Bristol community newsmagazine The Pigeon.


LGBTQ Vegetarians and Vegans will be interested in the results of the International Vegan Awards, co-ordinated by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


Local newspaper B247 reports that two female entrepreneurs and businesspeople in the city of Bristol have joined forces to create a new perfumery, with their first scent now availa


If you're a regular customer of the Bristol based gay T-Shirt brand Hartzak, then look to your email inbox over coming days for a special regular customers promo code for discounts


High street retailer ASDA have teamed up with “Breast Cancer Now” and “Coppa Feel”, both charities that operate in the field of the research, treatment and alleviation of breast ca

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