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Networks Chose Gay Announcers for Mourning

Britain is in a state of mourning following the passing of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, who was husband to Her Majesty the Queen and father to the next in line to the throne, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. Terry, who monitors for ShoutOut the news channels and international broadcasts daily, reports that in an age of multiple channels, with dozens of news stations and rolling news services on the air, the landscape of public discourse is very different from even the last major royal death, that of the Queen Mother or that of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997.

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Club Drug to Be Rendered a Class B Substance

The club drug GHB, which is popular in some of the heavier SM and leather / rubber parts of the gay male scene, is to have its classification changed from Class C to a Class B drug.

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It's A Year of Lockdown - Community Reflects

The first anniversary of the arrival of the lockdown situtation in the UK fell on Tuesday 23rd March. Many television and radio programmes, and much internet content, commemorated the date when society changed for ever.

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Person Arrested Over Lubbock Death in 2001

West Midlands LGBT radio station Gorgeous FM reports that a person has been detained by police in relation to the death of a man called Stuart Lubbock some 20 years ago.  Lubbock was found drowned in the swimming pool of entertainer Michael Barrymore, whose gay and chem fueled parties were widely

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Pontins Makes Equalities Fail with GRT List

Channel 4 News reports that Pontins Holiday Resort has been using a list of names, deemed to be “too Irish” to screen out potential bookers. The holiday camp chain had been trying to avoid letting chalets to Irish Traveller peoples.

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The Census takes place on Saturday 21st March.  Every household in the country is legally obligated to report on who is staying at the property on that night, even if they are just visiting.  Censu


Is Gavin Williamson the worst Education Secretary ever? So asks Peter Wilby in the Guardian this week.


The Progressive Secular Humanist Blog at has expressed satisfaction at the death of the American radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh who has died at the age of seventy.


Barry Duke, writing in the atheist journal The Freethinker, is pleased to report that the Australian state of Victoria has become the latest territory to prohibit


March the fourth will be World Book Day and a number of good projects will be asking for the support of the LGBTQ communities.  Perhaps at this time of year, it is worth treating y

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