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Gay Press History and the Limits of Freedom

A discussion has been taking place online on various LGBTQIA newsgroups, internet feeds and web forums about the limits of decency and free speech, after a report in the Metro newspaper that a man had been reported to the police for wearing a Hallowe'en Party costume in which he was dressed as the 2017 Manchester Arena Islamist extreme fundamentalist bomber.  Many LGBTQIA people found the humour to be deeply offensive, with some arguing that this Hallowe'en costume would be as unacceptable as one which for example, appeared to represent David Copeland, the deranged homophob

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Masks Slip as "Patriots" Assault Police

Hundreds of far right thugs, nearly exclusively heterosexual, white and male, amassed in London on Armistice Day, 11th November, where they fought with the police, according to a report on the Sky News Channel.  The disgraced homophobic religious talking head, Calvin Robinson, la

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How Conspiracy Theories Perpetuate

ABC Radio National in Canberra, which is the Australian equivalent of BBC Radio 4 or RTE Radio 1, a news and features driven network, examines the development of conspiracy theories, some of which have homophobic, anti-semitic and anti-intellectual themes.  In their article, the

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Homosexuality Occurs Across Animal Species

UK based LGBTQIA newswire Pink News reports that scientists at Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas, in Spain, examined all scientific literature relating to same-sex activity in the animal kingdom and created a database of their conclusions.  Whilst the conclusions of the conse

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Mixed News on Hate Crime Statistics

There is mixed news in relation to hate crime, according to the BBC News Channel.  Hate crimes against gay, lesbian and bisexual people have fallen 6% in the past year, to 25,639.  However, Recorded hate crimes against transgender people in England and Wales rose 11% to 4,732 off

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The British television channel GB News has long been the subject of ridicule outside its tiny coterie of viewers.  Quite famously, the channel, which is modelled on the US right wi


It's long been maintained by LGBT+ campaigners that homophobes and transphobes are not democrats and never will be, and that they represent a clear and present danger to the values of liberal, secu


The Fatphobia Busters blog, which campaigns and networks for body acceptance, showed that it was a true ally of the LGBTQIA communities last week, when the moderator stepped in to


The Independent Newspaper reports that the right of centre GB News Television Channel was forced to apologise after misogynist and homophobe Laurence Fox made what


Grimsby Hospital Radio on Tuesday afternoon reported with some horror that the right wing Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, was to use a speech on immigration to say that persecution for being LGBT

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