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Off With Their Heads! Tabloids are Treason!

For LGBT media watchers, the sudden turning of the British tabloid papers from their frequently slavish devotion to the Royal Family, to vicious denunciations of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, has been most instructive. For some people reflecting on social media, the fact that papers such as the Daily Mail and the Daily Express have turned so decisively on the Royal Family in its current crisis, is testament to the fact that these reactionary tabloids pander the worst excesses of public prejudice.

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Targetted Synagogue Hits Back at All Bigotry

South Hampstead synagogue in London has issued a statement condemning all forms of bigotry, inclduing homophobia, after several London institutions used by the capital's vibrant Jewish community were daubed with anti-semitic graffiti.

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Anti-Equalities Failure is named "Big Loser"

Midlands Zone magazine, the popular gay and trans community magazine for the area that includes Birmingham has branded hapless former Member of Parliament Roger Godsiffe as a “big loser” after the deselected MP monumentally failed to win back the seat after siding with a group of homophobes that

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Phobes Thwarted - Being Gay is Complex

As we went to air last week, a paper in the respected research journal “Science” revealed the latest findings from research into people's se.xual orientation and their genetics.

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Tillmans Reminds that Democracy Needs Defence

The past is another country, they say.

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Television news reports suggest that religiously motivated parents who had tried to export the Birmingham style protests against LGBT inclusive education to a school in Nottingham scored a serious


BBC television's long running astronomy programme, The Sky at Night marked the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landings last week.


LGBT activists down under have expressed concern at the outburst of the Aussie Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who described animal rights campaigners as “un Australian” and “green criminals”.


The Co-operative Bank, recovering from its financial woes of several years ago, is launching a major marketing campaign across several media platforms, to encourage people who care about the world,


Have you heard of a “broflake”?  It’s a phrase that was coined by left wing activists to counter the accusation from the political right wing that they are all “snowflakes”.  A Broflake refers to t

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