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UK Hate Groups Exporting Extremism to Africa

Linda from Uganda, working on the frontlines against some of the most bizarre yet deadly anti-LGBT+ legislation in the world, has a stark warning for British LGBT+ people.  Some of the funding for African hate groups is coming from fundamentalist religionists in the UK.  Linda is spearheading a fundraising drive by All Out, an internet based campaigning network.  She writes "Anti-LGBT+ movements in Africa are not just news stories; they are real threats to our lives.

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Daniel Issues Dignified Response to Detractor

Acting legend Daniel Radcliffe has issued a dignified and calm statement after certain tabloid right wing newspapers printed remarks made about him and Emma Watson by anti-transgender author Joanne Rowling.  Rowling had criticised the pair for not agreeing with her anti-trans rhe

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Internet Disinformation Targets Abortion

Imran Ahmed, writing for the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, which has recently emerged victorious from a court case brought against it by billionaire transphobe Elon Musk, says that the group has produced a new report showing how major internet corporations are skewing the debate on abortion

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Gloucester Police Apologise for Past Wrongs

In a press release, the Peter Tatchell Foundation for Human Rights expresses thanks to Gloucestershire Police becoming the fourteenth police force to apologise for past homophobic witch-hunts and discriminatory law enforcement.   In a letter to LGBT+ campaigner P

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Extremist TV Channel Challenged by Eco Group

Despite its association with the now quit gay male television pundit Dan Wooton, the right wing television channel GB News is generally considered hostile to LGBTQIA+ rights, and particularly those of transgender women, the supposed dangers of, it continually fea

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US based LGBT+ newswire Them reports that an eighteen year old heterosexual male has been arrested for the murder last June of gentle and caring black transgender woman Ashia Davis


Lighthouse is a queer-owned and woman led independent community bookshop in the Scottish capital Dùn Èideann / Edinburgh.


The Campaign for Countering Digital Hate, which monitors and advocates against the worst hateful excesses of the internet, says that it welcomes a draft bill before Congress.  The


The Guardian Media Group reports that a majority of the British public, albeit a small one, believe that pregnant and nursing mothers should not be sent to prison where a community


The right wing news channel GB News has been described as "riding roughshod" over broadcasting laws in the UK, which are designed to defend fair access and a reasonable level of im

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