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Gay Folks Do DJ Streams Whilst Clubs Falter

It's a new moral panic. The press sometimes get these spectral heebie jeebies, and it has even affected that most liberal of institutions, The Guardian, which is more immune than most of the British press from apopleptic rage with the latest antics of uncontrollable youth. It seems that, twenty five years after the state thought that it had done away with unlicensed raves, so the phenomenon is back.

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Stephen King Speaks for Equality - JK Fumes

The International Business Times says that controversial author Joanne Rowling, who adopted her monicker JK at the suggestion of her publisher so that more boys would buy her debut novel “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”, is once again making a mess of her twitter feed.

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LGBT Police Network to Meet in Bristol

Police with Pride, is the successor to the old Gay Police Association. You can find it at It serves those LGBTQ police officers serve in uniform, and in particular has been instrumental in changing attitudes within the police service towards LGBTQ communities.

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New Thinking on Combating Domestic Violence

 It's been described as a “global pandemic” in its own right by the World Health Organisation, and according to papers including The Guardian, it's been made much worse by the lockdown situation we have been living under for the last few months.

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Portillo to Join Team of New Talk Radio Net

The new talk radio network for the UK, Times Radio has revealed its provisional schedule ahead of its formal launch on Monday 29th June. 

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For LGBT media watchers, the sudden turning of the British tabloid papers from their frequently slavish devotion to the Royal Family, to vicious denunciations of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sus


South Hampstead synagogue in London has issued a statement condemning all forms of bigotry, inclduing homophobia, after several London institutions used by the capital's vibrant Jewish community we


Midlands Zone magazine, the popular gay and trans community magazine for the area that includes Birmingham has branded hapless former Member of Parliament Roger Godsiffe as a “big loser” after the


As we went to air last week, a paper in the respected research journal “Science” revealed the latest findings from research into people's se.xual orientation and their genetics.


The past is another country, they say.

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