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Jack Whitehall Working on New Parenthood Show

The Metro newspaper reports that hate filled heteros have attacked proud new father, actor and comedian Jack Whitehall, who is working towards a new programme on parenthood.  His internet request for "pregnant people" to come forward was seized upon by the usual gaggle of angry straight supremacists who were livid that he would dare to include transgender men by implication and he has received hatred online.  "Sorry you've had to experience this, Jack", tweeted one transman.  "This is just typical behaviour for straights who cannot abide anything outside th

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Gay Headed Families have "Better Outcomes"

Here's news that will be ignored by homophobes and moral might traditionalists because it contradicts their prejudices.  Scientific studies show that LGBTQIA+ headed families are just as functional and in fact do better than cisgender heterosexual ones in key areas.  Nicola Davies, Science Corres

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Homophobia Destroys Families and Hurts People

Homophobia destroys families, but there is a way back for reconciliation and love. That was the message from the television series “Long Lost Relative” last week – the programme is enjoying a rerun on digital channel Quest Red on Friday evenings.

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Love Triumphing Can be A Revolutionary Tale

Amrou al-Kadhi writes in the Guardian about queer loving triumphing over all the odds put against it by bigotry and religious extremism.  He argues that whilst LGBTQIA radicalism and its critique of marriage as a heteronormative construct has its place, there is also something genuinely marvellou

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Hetero Supremacists Will Overpopulate Planet

Population Matters, a campaigning group which advocates for voluntary control of the sheer number of humans on the planet, has started a regular blog to monitor the antics of pro-natalists, whom they define as right wingers, who use a “toxic mix of nationalism, economic anxiety, sexism, racism an

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New Family Social, which support LGBT headed adoptive and fostering households, are asking for people willing to share their stories of LGBT+ families.  The aim is to record people’s stories for th


Bristol based academic Doctor Finn MacKay writes in the Guardian on the prejudiced attitudes of straight society which tries to marginalise LGBTQIA parents through control of language.  There is no


Marlon Bundo, the family pet rabbit of right wing conservative opponent of LGBTQIA civil rights, Mike Pence, has passed on to bunny heaven, according to the Guardian newspaper.  But as the Guardian


An Exeter couple have spoken to the BBC News Channel about their experiences of having a baby as samesex parents, and the fact that many forms still being used by health providers are obsolete, and


Metro Newspaper says that Ricky Martin has told journalists that families headed by two dads should not be stigmatised.

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