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Review of Polish LGBTQIA Rights After Polls


Patrick Strudwick writing in the I Newspaper, reviews the situation ahead for LGBTQIA people in highly conservative Poland after the far right and arguably Clerico-Fasicst Law and Justice Party failed to win the election, with several centrist and left parties uniting to bring an end to mob rule which for the last eight years has seen LGBT+ people blamed for everything and lies promulgated by government, politicians, clergy and the media that they own, claiming that gay people want to sleep with children.  As critics have pointed out, paedophilia is surely more of a goal of the right wing Catholics, given the shocking number of cases of abuse that have been exposed in recent years.  Be that as it may, the LGBTQIA community in Poland is cautiously optimistic that the new coalition government will offer some modest reforms, the emphasis being modest, and few are hoping for any radical changes just yet.  Implementation of hate crime legislation, to stop misinformation and incitement to violence, may be a first point of call.  The new Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, has indicated that some form of civil partnership law short of actual marriage equality, could be proposed to the Parliament.


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