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Plans Come Together for Queer Spirit Festival


Scene magazine QX looks ahead to the Queer Spirit Festival taking place in Devon from 17th to 23rd August. Based on the radical new age and neo-pagan spirituality of feminist goddess worship, the gay male radical faeries and the socialist spirituality of groups like the Edward Carpenter Community, the Queer Spirit Festival will feature performances, workshops, DJs, ceremonies, fire circles, meditations, a sacred sexuality temple, cafes, a healing area and other installations. One of the festival’s organisers, Shokti, told QX Magazine something of the philosophy behind the festival, saying ““The idea that same-sex love and gender variance are somehow ‘against nature’ developed over the centuries in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, in sharp contrast to the holistic worldviews of the pagan cultures of the ancient world and of traditional belief systems around the planet, many of which celebrated same-sex love and genderfluidity as sacred, and none of which came up with the notion that the Creator could create something in error. This idea became so deeply embedded in the western mind that queerness went from being regarded as a sin into a crime and then sickness. Only in the late 20th century have queer people gained enough strength and visibility to change this story. Queers worldwide have proclaimed our PRIDE in who we are – at Queer Spirit Festival, we take the next step: RECLAIMING QUEER NATURE as entirely natural, spiritual and magical! Earth-based, body-honouring traditions worldwide have long recognised ‘third-gender’ or ‘intermediate types’ as having spiritual power that benefited the whole community. At Queer Spirit, you will find artists, activists, facilitators, and healers exploring that ancient queer power and reclaiming it to serve the world today.” For more information about the Queer Spirit Festival, why not check out our website for a link to more information. 

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