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A Spirited Defence of Gender Diversity


LGBTQIA New Age and Spirituality group Queer Spirit say "The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, shocked and dismayed so many of us with his defiant declaration at the Conservative party conference that “a man is a man and a woman is a woman, that's just common sense!” Seems he has never met masculine women or feminine men?  Even more mind-boggling and disturbing - how is it even possible that an educated man of Hindu heritage can not be aware of the rich tradition of third-gender people in Asian countries? "  In response, they catch up with the founder of the Nepali organisation  Blue Diamond Society and learn about Asia and third gender expression.  Sunil Babu Pant observes "Eastern philosophy creates space for everyone, thus instead of problematising something that is natural, it creates a support structure that’s inclusive. Its terminology is also therefore inclusive. Third Gender is such a term. It breaks and extends the binary of man and woman to include those that are not. It therefore also fosters a society where it’s OK to be different. Occidental philosophy by contrast is about pathology and transformation, with the end goal being to conform to standards set by the outside. It’s not about acceptance and creating space for everyone, but about tampering to fit a pre-set mold..... Many eastern, African, and other indigenous faiths and cultures have historically accepted, and some are still accepting, of more than two genders. In some cultures, 5 or even 7 genders have been acknowledged and accepted. In the Tantra tradition as practiced in the mountain regions, all these genders were considered divine. Every gender had/have their important roles to play in these societies. No one was/is considered sick, or weak, or diseased because their gender trait is different from the norm. It is a proper and unconditional celebration of gender diversity. To be born male but to grow up with feminine features and presentations if that is one’s nature is a cause of celebration. Similarly, to be born female and to grow with masculine features and presentations, if that is one’s nature is celebrated too. Intersexed people are/were considered having special devine powers and well-respected."  For the full article, visit, and whilst you are there check out the new Queer Spirit Radio station online, known as the Sanctity of Sound.  


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