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"Post Truth Nightmare" Sees Bizarre Claims


“We live in a post truth nightmare. Donald Trump denies things that he’s caught saying on film and his supporters actually believe him. Putin rewrites history when it suits him and the Tories lie through their back teeth. And now an anti-gay group of right wingers describes itself as ‘LGB Alliance’ just to get at trans women. It’s absurd!” So wrote one lesbian feminist on twitter as the charity commission tribunal reconvened to consider a case by the trans youth charity Mermaids on whether the “Alliance” legitimately served the aims of a charity. Pink News takes up the story, and says that astonishing claims were made by the counsel for the “LGB Alliance” including that “most LGB people share the Alliance’s beliefs”. In fact, the rest of the gay movement, from radicals like Peter Tatchell, by way of socialist and anarchist groups, right through to moderate lobbyists Stonewall, are united in including a place for trans people in the struggle for human rights. Most feminist groups too reject the approach of the Alliance. Mermaids’ counsel Mr Michael Gibbon refuted the outlandish claims of counsel for the “Alliance” which sought to paint Mermaids as “homophobic”. He said “Clearly, we reject that label, but for the purposes of today we note, with respect, it does in fact support the submissions we’ve already made about the nature of purposes and objectives of LGB Alliance.” Pink News correspondent Lily Wakefield notes that a woman called Kate Harris, who was presented as a co-founder of the LGB Alliance, admitted that she believed that “lesbian, gay and bisexual children do not exist”.  

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