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Political Groups Debate Far Right Win: Brazil

The election at the end of October of President Bolsonaro in Brazil is analysed in the Marxist newspaper The Weekly Worker. The far right demagogue represents a threat to many groups in society, the paper argues, ranging from women through to Indigenous Brazilians, whose homeland in the ecologically important north of the country he has vowed to exploit.

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Local Town Refuses to Give in to Fundies

Pink News reports that in one small town in rural Maine, the community has taken a stand against a rabble rousing trio of local religious fundamentalists who wanted to censor a library display, ironically about books that neo-conservatives always moan about.  The local Library Service was marking

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Advocates to Sue 'Phobic Russian Immigration

The idea that anyone would want to seek asylum in Russia, with its poor record on free media and human rights, might seem laughable to us in the democratic West.  However, there are a tiny number of applicants every year.  An even smaller percentage of those are from LGBT people fleeing even more

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Fundies Fulminating over Feminist Flavour

LGBT Activists Mourn UN Ally Annan

Kofi Annan, the first African Secretary General of the United Nations was remembered by LGBT groups this week in the wake of his passing. Mr Annan steered the UN between 1997 and 2006 and championed causes such as gay equality and combatting HIV.

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It has long been the contention of gay activists that people with homophobic views are prone to deranged violence, outbursts of rage and should be generally removed from the community to a place of


Many people feel more comfortable with a woman doing work around their home or garden. And we know that many LGBTQ people in particular have an affinity to environmentalism.


The leader of the black supremacist organisation, Nation of Islam, namely Louis Farrakhan, has had his twitter account unverified – a procedure which denies him the luxury of what Twitter


LGBT and Roman Catholic groups have united to condemn a startling attack on His Holiness Pope Francis.  The Pontiff has over the last few years made some very progressive gestures, in keeping with


A gaggle of fundamentalist Christians who believe that they have been converted from gay to straight by divine intervention have failed in their stated intentions to gather hundreds of people to ra

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