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B247: Carival and Pride are a Tonic for UK

Local DJ Ngaio Anyia write for B247 this month, on her experiences of Djing at events for St Paul's Carnival and Bristol LGBT Pride. She says that both events inspired her with the love that people can bring to the west country, in spite of present difficulties. In closing, Ngaio writes: “In this strange political hellhole Britain currently finds itself in, thank GOD for events like these. Where we can come together as a people and enjoy each other. Make new friends in unexpected places and be exposed to experiences that otherwise might pass us by.”


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Our Thanks is Due to Local Chapel - Op Ed

A correspondent submitted this piece on the fact that fundamentalist religious groups are angry that there was a service of tolerance at the John Wesley Chapel ahead of Bristol Pride:  

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More Activists Come Out for "Lush" Campaign

A few weeks ago, we reported that many LGBT activists had supported the ethical retail chain LUSH in their campaign to expose the police infiltration of many activist groups.

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Israeli Winning Eurovision Feminist Slammed

Nick Clark, writing in the neo-Trotskyist weekly newspaper Socialist Worker, says that the winning of the Eurovision Song Contest by Israel is a disaster for human rights.    He said:  “For Israel’s prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Eurovision winner Netta Barzilai is the apartheid stat

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Brits Fall in Love with Gay Friendly Bishop

With so much news in the gay media being about the hatred of certain types of Christian fundamentalist, its refreshing to know that there are many people of faith who do not share those reactionary interpretations of scripture.

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Jake Shears of the acclaimed pop band the Scissor Sisters has told Channel Four television and newswire Pink News that it is important LGBT people keep their queer culture alive, even in a


The Irish Post newspaper this week shines a light on the hiterhto twilight world of female abuse of young boys as allegations of sexual abuse begin to affect many institutions.  Edward Hay


The LGBT newswire Pink News says that even though all reputable news sources report that the You Tube massacre perpetrator,  Nasim Najaf Aghdami was a woman and had been born a woman, it h


A self-proclaimed “futurist” has told a conference that there is no future in radio.  But no one is particularly listening to him.  Paul Lavalle writes for the magazine “Wired”, which has an unfort


Pro-choice campaigners led by the group Sisters United are celebrating this week, says the Guardian, after successfully lobbying for an exclusion zone to be set up around a Marie Stopes Abortion cl

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