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Telegraph Clashes with Animal Rights Groups

Talk Radio station LBC reports that the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper has attacked the respected animal welfare charity the RSPCA as being “taken over” by the more militant wing of the animal rights movement, and that it is now focussed on banning angling and shooting sports. Now we know that LGBT people are, according to most studies, more interested in issues of ecology and animal welfare than a control sample of heterosexuals and cisgender people.

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New Book Explores the Idea of Gender in Brain

Gina Rippon, whose book, The Gendered Brain, is out now from Bodley Head Publishers, looks at several titles on gender and the brain for The Guardian newspaper.

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Time for an "H" for Human Passport Category

The Woman Who Cared in the Face of AIDS

It is a truth for all minorities that we need to tell our stories and preserve our history, and no where is this more the case than in the case of the generation of largely gay, bisexual and polyamorous men who died during the horrific years of the AIDS pandemic, which lasted from around 1983 to

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Op Ed - Pogues Song Storm Obscures Real Issue

SO News Occasionally has Op Ed pieces we receive from listeners and bloggers.  The opinions these pieces express are individual to the author and do not necessarily represent the views of ShoutOut's team members, volunteers or constituent radio stations.  We ask only that opinion pieces are writt

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The December issue of gay and bisexual lifestyle magazine Attitude is available now from all leading newsagents and gay bookstores.


Local DJ Ngaio Anyia write for B247 this month, on her experiences of Djing at events for St Paul's Carnival and Bristol LGBT Pride.


A correspondent submitted this piece on the fact that fundamentalist religious groups are angry that there was a service of tolerance at the John Wesley Chapel ahead of Bristol Pride:  


A few weeks ago, we reported that many LGBT activists had supported the ethical retail chain LUSH in their campaign to expose the police infiltration of many activist groups.


Nick Clark, writing in the neo-Trotskyist weekly newspaper Socialist Worker, says that the winning of the Eurovision Song Contest by Israel is a disaster for human rights.    He said:  “Fo

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