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Solstice Marks Holiday Time for LGBTs

The shortest day of the year is important to many religions around the globe, and is marked by LGBT humanists as well as queer pagans. Although there are homophobic and transphobic people in these traditions, they are usually considered to be reasonably LGBT friendly philosophies. For the Ancient Romans, the Solstice would prepare the way for Saturnalia, a festival characterised by role reversal and revery in honour of the god Saturn. The sexually charged aspects of Roman society have led to Saturnalia being revived as a midwinter feast by some in LGBT circles.

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Pagan Origins of Xmas Explored by Paper

With the holiday season approaching, the latest issue of Mature Times, the monthly free paper for the older community, which is published in Nailsea but has national reach, looks at the very pagan origins of many Christmas traditions.

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Jewish Community Rallies Behind Gay Couple

The Jewish Telegraph, a newspaper for the UK Jewish community, was horrified to learn that an ultra orthodox rabbi had attempted to blame the November Pittsburgh massacre on the fact that the congregation had been celebrating the birth of a baby boy to a samesex couple.

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Bizarre Claims on Gender Neutral Clothing

There was much mirth and hilarity on the atheist web after a highly conservative Catholic priest identified the most dangerous and evil person in the world as ….

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Liberal Christians United for Queer Carols

Researchers suggest that LGBT people are more likely to follow a spiritual path than the general population, and in spite of the phobia of some right wing churches, liberal Christianity has been a welcoming place of love and acceptance for many gay and trans people.  A coalition of LGBT Christian

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The Jewish Chronicle newspaper reports that Israel's most famous trans singing sensation, Dana International, will be appearing at the Limmud Festival in Birmingham during December.


Britain’s oldest Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle, which editorially is supportive of LGBT Jews, says that an Orthodox nursery is appealing a ruling that found it discriminated again


South East Humanist Group will be holding a demonstration outside Broadcasting House, home of the BBC Radio networks in London on Tuesday, October 9 at 4pm.


For pagans, neopagans and other followers of Earth based religions, including the ancient faiths of the British Isles, August 1st will mark the ancient festival of Lughnasadh.  LGB

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