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Lose the Argument? Kick Em Out The Room!

It is frequently argued by LGBT activists that the anti-trans or anti-gay commentators cannot form a reasonable argument when in debate.  This seems to be the case with right of centre columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer, who presents a somewhat abrasive and argumentative programme on the commercial radio network Talk Radio UK.  In a recent discussion on transgender prisoners, Ms Hartley-Brewer clashed with one of her own guests, who pointed out that cisgender women attack other women in prisons at a higher rate than that committed by trans women.  Hartley-Brewer sa

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Humanist Association Welcomes New President

Humanists UK, formerly the British Humanist Association, is an organisation with a long tradition of supporting LGBT civil rights.  Indeed, the Humanist movement, which seeks to build a secular, rational world in which religious superstition no longer controls vast swathes of the population, has

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Bellos in Trouble Over Threats to "Thump"

“Oh, how the once mighty have fallen” was the title of one gay blogger’s post this week about Linda Bellos, once one of the champions of the feminist and gay movements, who has now been interviewed by Police under caution after several outbursts in which she told an audience how she wanted to “th

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Diversity Awards for Queer Friendly Radio

Brighton is sometimes described as the gay capital of the UK, although there are some other towns that would dispute this!! Its queer media scene is a good reflection of the diversity of this wonderful seaside city.

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Time to Report the Haters to YouTube!

Activists working with atheist and humanist students in the United States have reported that all non-religious people should beware that a fundamentalist grouping considered a hate group by LGBT people, are targeting non-heterosexual and secular youngsters with untrue and fantastical claims about

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The country's most respected and best selling lesbian and bisexual women's magazine, Diva, has taken a rare step of getting involved in a dispute within the LGBT communities, challenging a separati


The Irish World newspaper, which has served the Irish community in Britain since 1987, reports that last year, some ninety nine people in the Republic of Ireland obtained a new Gender Reco


We know from experience and longitudinal studies that LGBT people are much more likely than heterosexuals to work in the caring professions.


The disabled and LGBT communities have united to condemn the government's outsourcing of benefits payment assessments to people with long term health conditions and disabilities, after it emerged t


On 31st May, the ShoutOut News review feature looked back on the referendum on Ireland's "Constititonal Amendment 8".  

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