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Tillmans Reminds that Democracy Needs Defence

The past is another country, they say. Photographer and graphic artist Wolfgang Tillmans has been revisiting his contribution to a 1991 photoessay, published in the fashion and music magazine, ID, which celebrated rave culture, and the optimism of a young world celebrating sexual freedom, democracy and human rights as the communist bloc countries collapsed and the nuclear clock seemed no longer to be ticking. Twenty eight years on, Mr Tillmans has prepared another photoessay, this time for the contemporary culture magazine Crack, made in Bristol and London.

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Notts Anti-Gay Protest Falls Flat

Television news reports suggest that religiously motivated parents who had tried to export the Birmingham style protests against LGBT inclusive education to a school in Nottingham scored a serious own goal for the end of term.  The protest group was outnumbered by a vocal campaign by parents who

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How Space Exploration Shows Changing Times

BBC television's long running astronomy programme, The Sky at Night marked the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landings last week. On 20th July 1969, humans walked on the moon for the very first time, with the success of the United States Apollo Mission.

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Gay Activists Warn on Inflammatory Aus Remark

LGBT activists down under have expressed concern at the outburst of the Aussie Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who described animal rights campaigners as “un Australian” and “green criminals”.

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Co-operative Group Emphasises LGBT Activism

The Co-operative Bank, recovering from its financial woes of several years ago, is launching a major marketing campaign across several media platforms, to encourage people who care about the world, ethical trading and justice, to consider investing with them.

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Have you heard of a “broflake”?  It’s a phrase that was coined by left wing activists to counter the accusation from the political right wing that they are all “snowflakes”.  A Broflake refers to t


Tuesday's television will see a programme broadcast on BBC Wales on One (the Welsh version of BBC-1 and available in Wales / Cymru only), called “Young and Religious” at 10.35pm.


Channel Four Television, the UK's former “radical” channel, which is today more mainstream in a complex marketplace, nevertheless offers some programmes of interest to LGBT people during Bank Holid


Eurovision is coming on Saturday, 18th May.  Coverage will be going out on BBC 1 Television and in super digital stereo on BBC Radio Two, where the acerbic notes of Ken Bruce will be guiding us thr


Over 40 women’s organisations and charities have dismissed Tommy Robinson’s promise of money as a “profound insult”, according to a report in the leftist weekly newspaper The Socialist Worker

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