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Genetics Pioneer Stripped of Titles

A nobel prize winning scientist whose work helped discovered the double helix nature of DNA, but who later stated that homosexual foetuses should be aborted, has been stripped of his honorary science accolades. James Watson was science icon in the nineteen sixties for his work on genetics, but in the nineteen nineties was quoted by a British newspaper as interceding in a debate over whether there was a gay gene. He was reported to have said that parents wanting to have a heterosexual child should have the right to genetic screening.

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UKIP "Beyond Pale" after Rightward Lurch

Film Maker Discusses LGBT Roles in Gay Times

Film maker Sebastian Lelio meets up with the current issue of veteran and respected journal Gay Times. The heterosexual film maker has a new movie out depicting the relationship between two lesbian women coming to terms with their sexualities in an Orthodox Jewish community.

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Deportation Protesters Gain LGBT Support

The Trotskyist daily paper The News Line published by the Workers Revolutionary Party, reports that FIFTEEN protesters who locked themselves around a plane at Stansted Airport, successfully stopping those aboard from being deported back to countries where they faced torture or death, hav

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Lose the Argument? Kick Em Out The Room!

It is frequently argued by LGBT activists that the anti-trans or anti-gay commentators cannot form a reasonable argument when in debate.  This seems to be the case with right of centre columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer, who presents a somewhat abrasive and argumentative programme on the commerci

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Humanists UK, formerly the British Humanist Association, is an organisation with a long tradition of supporting LGBT civil rights.  Indeed, the Humanist movement, which seeks to build a secular, ra


“Oh, how the once mighty have fallen” was the title of one gay blogger’s post this week about Linda Bellos, once one of the champions of the feminist and gay movements, who has now been interviewed


Brighton is sometimes described as the gay capital of the UK, although there are some other towns that would dispute this!!


Activists working with atheist and humanist students in the United States have reported that all non-religious people should beware that a fundamentalist grouping considered a hate group by LGBT pe


The country's most respected and best selling lesbian and bisexual women's magazine, Diva, has taken a rare step of getting involved in a dispute within the LGBT communities, challenging a separati

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