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"Alt Right" Gay Figure Admits Major Debts

Gay Star News reports that Milo Yiannopolous, the somewhat paradoxical writer who is both a gay man, but also expouses anti-trans, anti-women and pro right wing rhetoric, had admitted to being some four million dollars in debt, twice as much as originally reported by the gay press in recent weeks. The writer, who takes great delight in winding various forces in liberal politics up – including most other LGBTQ people – has experienced a marked decline in his fortunes, after appearing to justify his own sexual awakening at the age of thirteen in a pederastic encounter with a priest.

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Activists Express Anger at Past Bush Policies

AIDS activists in the United States, particularly those who lived through the main health crisis of the nineteen eighties and nineties, and who experienced the homophobic and racist responses of the State, were sanguine about the recent death of former President George HW Bush.

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Female MPs Fight Back against AntiSemitism

The country’s oldest Jewish paper, the Chronicle reports that Jewish women in parliament face a disproportionate amount of antisemitic abuse online, around fifteen per cent more than male MPs. 

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Preserve Democracy to Protect Human Rights

The current affairs magazine The Atlantic, which has in the past published articles by figures such as the gay conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan, dedicates its November issue to what is sees as a crisis of democracy across the Western World.  In a series of essays by distinguished a

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LGBT Tories Welcome Choice for London Mayor

The LGBT Conservative Network have welcomed the selection of Shaun Bailey as the Tory Party’s candidate for the London Mayoral election scheduled to take play in May 2020.  Mr Bailey is a black Londoner, and the son of Generation Windrush immigrants.  In his statement, Mr Bailey said that the cur

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Sky news reports that Welsh political watchers are digesting the recent election of gay man Adam Price to replace Leanne Wood as the leader of Plaid Cymru.  For our overseas listeners, Plaid is a W


A new book on the 2017 General Election will argue that evangelical Christian Tim Farron, who led the Liberal Democrat Party in to the election, was largely responsible for the poor showing of the


Issue Ninety of the Anarchist Federation's journal Organise is out now, and is dedicated to the militancy of Pride, with a front cover painting by an anarchist artist celebrating gay and t


Lesbian politician and essayist Ruth Davidson, who is also the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland, writes in the I Newspaper that Donald Trump “does not define America”.


As Pride season continues all over the UK, the radical papers have been also covering and putting forward their different interpretations of what Pride means in the current era.  Here's a few piece

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