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Roxanne Slams "Absurd Billionaire" Rowling


Roxanne Gay is a feminist icon, according to Pink News and our friends at Trans Radio UK. She is a black bisexual woman who grew up in an underprivileged part of the United States and is qualified to discuss many aspects of intersectionality, that is, how different parts of our identities shape our experience. Roxanne has blogged and essayed many times about her own experiences as a larger woman, and how it feels to be a woman abused by heteropatriarchal society. She has pulled no punches this week as she quietly exposes anti-trans writer JK Rowling. “She is painting herself as a victim, but she’s not. She’s a billionaire who has decided to pick on one of the most marginalised groups of people in the world. And she has done so by making her fears into some sort of grand statement about gender. It’s absurd. And it’s shocking, that she doesn’t get called out on it more by other writers.” Roxanne's remarks also obliquely refer to the fact that the anti-transgender movement is being bankrolled by extreme political and religious groups who wish to splinter the traditional alliance between lesbian women, and transgender people, which dates back decades to the earliest days of the Gay Liberation Movement and its predecessor, the Homophile movement. This fact was blown open by a Pink News investigation during the summer, during which the newswire met with several lesbian feminists who had quit the anti-trans groups owing to their links to groups which oppose women's freedom, including abortion rights and equal employment opportunities.

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