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Just Like Us Survey: Young People Support Us


A new study, due for full publication in June, suggests that an unholy alliance of trans exclusionary feminists, and the British rightwing tabloid homophobic press, are preaching to an ever decreasing number of readers as their hate rhetoric aimed particularly at hurting transgender women doesn't impress younger people. Online LGBTQ magazine Them says that the group Just Like Us commissioned a wide ranging survey of nearly three thousand school students and found that indifference towards or acceptance of trans people were by far the usual attitudes expressed. A whopping eighty four per cent of participants said that they would support a friend who was transgender. With young people more clued into digital democracy, climate change and social justice than any generation since the sixties that gave rise to the early gay rights and women's movements, LGBTQ equality is firmly rooted in young people's sense of values. One heterosexual student told researchers “If we are close friends, then we are close friends for a reason, and them being trans wouldn't change that. It would have no negative impact on my life, so there is no reason for me to not be as supportive as possible and make them feel comfortable.” Speaking on a freespeech internet channel, one older gay man said of the survey “Looks like years of hate articles in the tabloid papers about gays and trans people have failed.... young people get their info from direct media like the internet, and loads of queer websites proliferate. All power to them. When the Daily Mail and its fake feminist cheerleaders fold, it won't be a moment too soon!”

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